Last 10 Days of Ramazan... In Humbleness and sincerity Let us pray for PEACE & OUR COUNTRY

Humble Pakistani

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MashAllah we are in the last 10 days of Ramazan... Wow how this month has flown... They have been hot and long…but Shukar Alhamdullah it was easy... Let us all pray in these last days of then ights of power that Allah SWT restore peace in our country…


Oh Allah please restore PEACE in our country…
People who are killing... Oh Allah please stop them… It is in Your power, we are helpless and cowards and You are the only one who can help… We seek YOUR help Oh Allah!

Save our country from corrupt leaders… and corrupt people… We cannot do it as we look at them and see ourselves for we are corrupt as well… Help us all my Allah… To be honest and to love Pakistan.

Please my Allah give my country leaders like Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique, Hazrat Umar Farooq, Hazrat Usman Ghani and Hazrat Ail RaziAllahTaalahAnha… And if that is not possible give us back an honest leader like the Quaid… Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Oh Allah please forgive us for the fitna and evil comes from us first… Please Oh Allah reform us to be good humans and help us to be tolerant of others specially people who are different. Give us the love of our Deen back! Give us the love of our country back.

Oh Allah please make us strong so we can stand up against tyranny... and we stand up against injustice and corruptions… Oh Allah we are weak give us strength.

Oh Allah give us the power to seek the truth and speak the truth and do not make us among the hypocrites! For You do not like hypocrites!

Oh Allah our ibada (worship) isonly for You and You alone… We pray and fast and try to do good in this blessed month of Ramazan only for your sake… Please Allah accept my worship and blessmy family and me… Bless my Country and Save it from destruction! These seem to be many enemies of my country Oh Allah You change hearts and minds… Please change our enemies and make them our friends. Oh Allah help us… We are nothing without YOU. Fill our hearts with your love… We are ugly Ya Allah… Please make us beautiful… Please accept our supplications oh Allah… we ask in total humbleness…

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aao dosto mil kay ramzan main dua karian shayad qabool ho jaiy

aao dosto saab mil kay ramzan kay is mutabarak maheenay main mil kay dua karain ,aai allah hamaray hukmaranoo ko pakiatan kay us dogi ki moot atta kar jo na ghar ka na ghatt ka hai .aai allah in darindoon ko jo apnay hi musalman bhaiyoon ko mar rahay hain un kay galay kaat rahay hain r jo hukmaran nashay main in manazir say lutf andooz ho rahay hain un kay bachoon ko un ki aankhoon kay samnay cheer phaar kay dogies ko khilla . aai allah in target killers ko wo himat bhi atta kar k ye bilawal ko hamza ko gillani ko or in kay ghar wallon ko target karian or in kay sar jism say juda karain ,or aai allah( zardarioyoon ,gilanioyon ,asfan waliyoon ,altafoon, shareefoon or chaudriyoon jo hum pay musalt hain in ko or in kay khandanoon ko aaaisi ibrat nat maot aata kay kay dunya dekhay or ibrat haasil karay aaaaaaaaaameeeeeeen .plz saab member is dua ko zaroor parhain shayad kisi ki dua qabool ho jaiay,za


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Re: aao dosto mil kay ramzan main dua karian shayad qabool ho jaiy

یارب ھمیں معاف کردے اور ان ظالم حکمرانوں کی رسی کھینچ یارب ھم میں کوئ لیڈر اٹھا جس کے پیچھے ھم سب متحد ھو کر ملک دشمنوں سے مقابلۂ کریں بےشک تو دعاؤں اور بددعاؤں کا سننے والا ھے آمین


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Re: aao dosto mil kay ramzan main dua karian shayad qabool ho jaiy

Per ALLAH unhi ke madad kerta hay jo apni madad kertay hain Pakistani so chukay hain
Inhain na ZALZALAY jaga saktay hain
Tesra Azaab chal raha hay, FISAAD ka
Us k baad total BERBAADI

1300 people killed in one day

Hamaray bhe 40000 mar chukay magar HAQ k lyay lartay hway nahe, Zindagi guzartay howay



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Re: aao dosto mil kay ramzan main dua karian shayad qabool ho jaiy

Till Pakistani nation does not get rid of zardari ppp,iltaf hussain mqm,chaudries of pml q,asfandiar wali anp,molana fazluraman mma,sharif brothers,and their followers with stopping love for dollars$ and take strict action against fake degree holders,nro cases,corruption in politicians, generals,civil and military bureaucracy and finish NAB department which itself the most corrupt department its officers themselves get riches in days with UN declared assets this department always used against enemies and rivals putting hands on small toads rather then big fishes courts are not only responsible to provide justices or angel will come to settle down all problems like electricity, wheat,gas ,water, common day needs, sugar prices, smuggling of meat, poultry,and meat to Afghanistan, insecurity bomb blasts ,drone attacks, target killings, etc etc joblessness,while letting Americans black water,xee,bones and skull,under cover secret CIA USA agents to freely go any where specially KPK and Baluchistan province with no check no N.O.C with no shoot on the sight and no strict actions beyond they did many worst things in past like Raymond Davis who killed innocent Pakistanis but with Pakistani leaders support he fled away peacefully and many others these under cover male female agents dodge with Pakistani security forces and torturing Pakistani nationals with supporting local criminals for terrorist activities and sending through Afghanistan borders never any Taliban or any other harmed these under cover Americans inside Pakistan except the one in Afghanistan who are fighting for their sovereignty all time their favorite mission is to destabilize Pakistan internally with Jewish khaad moss-ad raw support as Pakistan only Muslim country with nuclear assets biggest headache jealousy all time for them with lame propaganda's excuses like bush who started fake war of bloody war on terror to kill innocent babies and invade free states capture there resources OILS and deploy army in Afghanistan Iraq and now on-wards same thing moving towards jordan LIBYA Syria yemen sHAM etc who else will be don't know Germany made world war to invade world but Americans invading free states like parasites with plannings and strategies with full boost of rich Jews present in their congress pentagon and policy makers who already hold world 95% media use for dramas and propaganda first to make internal instability and then attack them when any other super power will break this supremacy to neutralize this blood shed monopoly of war mongers once Americans get their own pain like they traumatized the whole world every thing will be solved forever 100% Guaranteed according to famous scholars once Americans stop interfering in other matters and let the other lives free like they living themselves and enjoying once they leave Iraq Afghanistan stop supporting Israel for bombing on Lebanon Palestine for sure there will be no need of fake war of terror and wasting american citizen precious tax paid money on killing their own army and other people there will be no threat to others and Americans too live peacefully and leave others to live peacefully every one have right to live and no hate for any country else destruction of every thing is the end result of these whole hidden secret dirty Games if all allegations that were made against Iraq Iran Afghanistan same were made against super powers like Russia France UK Germany what would america do ?war no never not but through peace-full talks to solve the issues as they did on many occasions with Russia but as these states which are under attack got weak economy no technology so they are made for hunt and to check all latest weapons they made for world destruction Al Qaeda leader Asama who was previous CIA trained agent provided Americans mujaheddin to cut Russia into pieces in Russian war now same mujaheddin called Talibans terrorists -Love Germany Australia Pakistan America India Israel whole world else everY one will burn in hell on the day of judgement and answerable for all they did in this short life on this earth GOD BLESS THIS UNIVERSE from all Evils.(sing)