Krishna in Pakistan with message of peace and friendship


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wow what a nice guy!

Check Krishna out for a suicide vest :lol:

What is he up to now.

After killing over 5000 Pakis, he is here with message of peace and friendship. Arethey feel nervous as July 2011 draws closer?

India and peace?? naaaaaaaaaaaah its just a preparation for something else :P
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Just came to say u are a terrorist(*****)


m.s.krshina face per galiaa de raha thaa aur yeh MF**** politicians soo rahay hain.

lanat hai aisay hukmarano per.

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Krishna is right
he knows he is here to talk about his benifit nor ours
question is what is our ministary doing ? paying high bills for his visit ? and proving to world that Krishna came here to pakistan to dictate us what he wants ?