KPK sets target of planting 8.9 million tree saplings - Keep it up PTI


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PESHAWAR (APP): Chief Minister, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pervez Khattak Tuesday launched monsoon plantation campaign through planting a plant in the premises of Chief Minister's Secretariat.

Besides, Senior Minister Siraj-ul-Haq, Secretary Environment, Syed Said Badshah Bokhari, chief conservator, conservator, DFO and other officials concerned were also present on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, the chief minister said that the present government has started taking different measures for the welfare of the people in which tree plantation, development and protection of forests is prominent.
He said that forests not only play crucial role in keeping environment clean, but also provide strong foundations for economy. Due to the numerous environmental and economic benefits the importance of forests is recognized everywhere in the world.
The chief minister said that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is rich of wealth of forests. But, most of the areas of the province are still barren and without any production. The government, he said is working on priority bases for the better utilization of these areas and increase in the forests covered areas.

The step of the provincial government, the chief minister said will not only help increase the asset of forests, but will also help end environmental pollution, erasing of land and floods.

Earlier, briefing the chief minister, Secretary Environment, Syed Said Badshah Bokhari said that department has set a target of planting more than 8.9 million saplings during the current monsoon plantation drive.



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Plants are necessary for human health, Good for beauty of environment, And also economically good for many people.


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PTI is thinking of a complete solution for
mind, soul, and pocket books.


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Very nice. Tree's have a very good effect on human psyche. We need more parks are playgrounds in Pakistan as IK says. I am keen to see all those VIP houses converted to public places like libraries and parks where we can all relax and enjoy ourselves. Haters will hate, IK is on the right track as always.


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صرف دو کام جوجلد سے جلد ہونے چاہيں پہلا يہ کہ کرپشن کے خلاف سخت قانون سازي کي جائے اور دوسرا يہ کہ بلدياتي انتخابات ہوں جو آئين کي دفعہ باسٹھ اور تيرسٹھ کي حقيقي روح کے ساتھ منعقد کرائے جائيں اگر يہ دو کام ہوگئے تو اسي فيصد گندگي خيبر پختونخواہ سے ختم ہوجائے گي اور صوبہ حيرت انگيز طور پر خوشحالي کي راہ پر گامزن ہوجائے گا


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Planting trees is desperately required. On my recent trip to Naran Valley, I was shocked to see how the trees were vanishing due to timber mafia

We need these trees in forests as they help in landslides as well. If all the trees are cu without any new plantation, we will eventually run out of wood
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