KPK plans "green revolution" in province....


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PESHAWAR: To bring a "Green Revolution" in the province, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government plans to spend over Rs. 1.532 billion to fertilize lands of the province.

"The plan envisages to bring thousands of barren lands under the cultivation for enhancing agricultural production," the official sources said.

The government would distribute fruit plants among the farmers besides establishing fruit gardents over a land of 1800 acres of land.

Under the plan, about 100 solar irrigation water pumps has been planned to be installed for proper watering of the plants.
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KPK is already the most green province of pakistan... even then there are chances of improvement in urban areaas.

kaash ke ye khayal baqi parties ko bhi aa jaye to implement in their respective provinces.


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We have always read that Pakistan is an agricultural country, and agriculture is its backbone, so we should keep on developing our agriculture area.


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Good step. Earlier people worked hard on land and produced different items but then later due to economical crisis they stopped working on agriculture and preffered working for dumb UAE arabs as a sclave for very little money. We need to change this and restore dignity of our farmers.


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kpk government is planning to bring green revolution in kpk,on other hand uneducated shhebaz shareef is bringing "concrete " revolution in Punjab .so many new housing societies are being built in punjabs fertile lands these days (after massive slaughter of green areas ,trees and fields) that in some peoples opinion within 2 decades half of land where wheat and rice and other crops grew will be a concrete jungle making Punjab even more poisonous than before and also making eatables like rice and wheat so scarce that people will start killing each other for food...many people tried to put some sense into shareefs minds that Punjab in general and Lahore in particular has crossed the red mark already and housing schemes must not be built on food basket areas but shehbaz shareef I think believes that like him every other Pakistani can buy food from London if it cant be grown in Punjab.....and to make matters worse in Lahore like cities in old towns like model town etc there is massive cutting down of trees and green areas and every green place these morons see they make a concrete jungle of plazas and parking lots in Lahore specially yopu don't see grass or soil anywhere.and grass soil and trees are heat sinks ,without them Lahore will become hotter than hell in coming years and rains in Lahore have already decreased due to massive tree loss...but who put some sense into these peoples minds?? saving environment is not luxury nowdays,its necessity,or next generation will curse this generation