KPK govt to facilitate Afghans repatriation


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PESHAWAR - Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that the presence of Afghan refuges in the province has caused law and doer and badly affected the economy of the province.

The KPK government will fully assist the UNHCR in repatriation of the Afghan refugees from the province. He said this while talking to UNHCR Chief Jackson Franken who met him here on Wednesday.
He said that efforts are on for voluntarily repatriation of Afghan refugees, adding that data collection of refugees at Jalozai refugees' camp is being collected.

The chief minister also said that besides registered Afghans, there are a large number of unregistered Afghans living in the province. thus, there is need to collect their data as well. The UNHCR delegation on this occasion said that UNHCR along with other international organizations would help the federal government of Pakistan and provincial governments to collect data of the refugees.

Meanwhile, an independent candidate from NA-1 Peshawar, Fayaz Ali Shah, has said that the provincial metropolis was deliberately kept ignored, due to which its dwellers were facing numerous difficulties.
Addressing a news conference here at the Press Club on Wednesday, Fayaz said that Peshawar is enjoying a gateway status of Central Asia, and having deep historical, civilization and cultural importance in the region. He said that unfortunately this important city was kept ignored on all fronts, adding none of the former elected representatives had given due attention towards the miseries of the dwellers. He said, "Being the son of the soil, I have decided to enter into the politics for the sake of its dwellers." He added that the locals were confronting numerous difficulties of sewerage, sanitation issues, he said. Similarly, no proper attention in the previous government was given towards the health and education facilities to millions of people of the provincial capital, he maintained.

Fayaz said that contrary to the traditional politicians, he will go to the door of each and every elector beyond any political affiliation and vowed to resolve the issues of the locals on priority basis.


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