KPK Dengue epidemic control : Despite Peshawar High court criticism where is Imran , Bani Gala, Nat


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Imran Sahib as a weapon of mass destruction is well proved , see his response to Dengue , where is he ? Bani Gala , Nathiagali , London , or "jalsah Gah" ? . He should have been supervising sprays like Shehbaz was when Dengue struck Lahore some years back.

But then he does not need to perform at all, IS intelligence in pocket or rather he in their pocket, Computer bloggers to support his stupidities at hand on internet and like king,s invisible dress , they are all praise for reforms in health sector in KPK , (like PPP once used to do on papers only) , then all pashtoons are waiting to be put in every department and rather take over making a pashtoonistan of Punjab once they catch centre so they will vote anyway and brothers in agencies have halped that . His party draws salary from assemblies but where are useful bills and attendances.

2008 to 2013 was wasted by Zardari and 2013 to 2017 wasted by Imran Khan , Who will eradicate the pests of Pakistan ?

Cruel negligence shown in tackling dengue: PHC

PESHAWAR: The Peshawar High Court (PHC) on Tuesday showed displeasure at performance of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government for failing to curb dengue that claimed the lives of 20 people.


“The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Department performance is [the] worst in tackling the dengue outbreak in the province. The Health Department has showed a cruel negligence in the case of dengue,” Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan passed these remarks during hearing of a writ petition about dengue virus in the province.

The bench showed displeasure over the non-appearance of deputy commissioner in the case and then summoned both the secretary Health Service Department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and the deputy commissioner.

During the course of hearing, Peshawar Deputy Commissioner Saqib Raza informed the court that a decrease had been recorded in the dengue patients’ number since August 21. He said that fumigation continued in the dengue-affected areas.

Health Secretary Abid Majeed submitted before the bench that the Health Department was trying to overcome dengue epidemic. He said that free treatment was being provided to the dengue patients.

However, secretary Health informed the court that it would take more than three to five years to bring an end to dengue in the province.

On this, the court directed the officials concerned and the government to take the dengue issue on war-footing.
The court also directed to provide platelets count machines and platelets to the patients who were suffering from dengue.

It directed the government to take immediate appropriate steps, saying the University of Peshawar premises should be visited where the students were at threat.

The court observed that government shall arrange meeting with the vice-chancellor of the university and other colleges’ heads and spread awareness in the students as how to prevent and protect from this deadly virus.

During hearing, Saifullah Mohib Kakakhel also submitted that the provincial government failed to take effective steps for control of the dengue outbreak as the number of infected persons reached more than 6000 in the province. He said that people were dying on daily basis because of dengue virus.

Kakakhel said the court should pass an order to remove KP health minister as he had badly failed to tackle the dengue issue and hand over the charge to the Punjab health minister instead. The court adjourned the case till September 20.

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