Klasra & Qazi: Bilawal have to bring back old honest leadership & dump Corrupt Zardari group to get


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This Zardari kid should come back in about 20 years once he has grown up and has done some good work for the people of Pakistan or at least for the people of Sindh.


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PPP two big stigmas are the corruption and supporting NS while the whole nation is chanting go nawaz go.
I as ex jiala of PPP can only accept your apology if you ask NS to resign and call new election. If you don't do that then your apology is not sincere but fraud and I refuse to accept it. I was worker of people student federation for years. When I look back now I ask myself how could I even support you family. Your grandpa, your mom, your papa, now you and then your kids will rule us. What the f*** is this.
Still I will think that you are feeling peoples pulse if you ask NS to resign. I probably will excuse you for the massive corruption that your papa did. He has basically raped this nation and ripped the country. Empty apology is too little too late.
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People of Pakistan has given your family 5 chances since your grandpa.
We will accept it if you do ONE of the three things
1- distance your self openly with your papa politics
2- OR bring all the looted money that you guys have
3- or atleast don't protect NS from peoples wrath and ask for his resignation

if you can do one of these three things I will accept your apology otherwise wait on the fence. Once we make a new Pakistan then you too are welcome to do poloitics.
Bilawal will you accept promise or apology from a khusraaaa. You got it right. You are no more than khusraaaaa to pakistanis.
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پاکستان میں صوبایَت،لسانیَت،فرقہ واریئت اور ایک دوسرے سے نفرت دن بدن بڑھ رہی تھی۔میں جو خود کو صرف پاکستانی تصور کرتھا تھا،لیکن قبایَلیوں کے ساتھ ناروا اور امتیازی سلوک کے بعد پنجاب سے متنفر ہوکر ویران افغانستان کی جانب جھک رہا تھا۔عمران خان سے کسی کا لاکھ اختلاف یا اتفاق،لیکن میری نظر میں اس بندے نے پاکستان کو یکجا کرلیا ہے۔پختون،بنجابی،سندھی یا بلوچی اور مہاجر نہی اب صرف پاکستا نی کی سوچ بن رہی ہے اور میرے خیال میں عمران خان کا یہ ایک بہت ہی بڑا احسان ہے اور شا ئد جرم بھی۔
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