Khari Baat - 6th September 2011 - Asma Jahangir & Dr Fareed Paracha - Save the Country or Save the R


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Shame on you Mubashir ............ why didn't you invite the real culprit MQM representative? If they weaseled out why didn't you mention that?


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this man support MQM??


But another important factor that put off the MQM leadership was the arrest of several of its activists who had already been charged with involvement in terrorist activities.

Muhammad Ishtiaq alias Police Wala, one of the most dangerous target killers who confessed to having killed many in Karachi, including police officers, has already claimed his association with the militant wing of the MQM. According to some recent Pakistani media reports that quoted official documents, Ishtiaq has confessed his involvement in terrorist activities before the Joint Interrogation Team comprising representatives of the ISI, Intelligence Bureau, the Crime Investigations Department, Sindh Police, the Special Branch and the Rangers.

As per his confessional statement, Ajmal Pahari, a sharpshooter who was arrested recently in Karachi and who was involved in the killing of 100 people, also belongs to the MQM. Ishtiaq disclosed that several "MQM setups" worked in Karachi and carried out target killings.

Ishtiaq stated in his confessional statement:

Initially, all killing teams in Karachi were centralized under Shakeel Omar. But when Shakeel Omar got heavily involved in land-grabbing and corruption activities in Surjani town, he was sidelined and Ajmal Pahari alias Adnan and Saeed Bharam alias Ahmed were given the job. But as they too got involved in corruption activities, vigilance committees were created at the unit and sector levels to serve as armed wings [of the MQM].

But they too grew out of the party's control. Finally, a new setup under the joint command of Adeel Bhai and Siddique Bhai [who were looking after a South African unit] was formed. In their place, Qamar Teddy and Raza Bhai were made in-charge of the South Africa unit. Adeel Bhai and Siddique Bhai are also in constant touch with Anis Qaimkhani in London, who is in-charge of the [MQM] killing teams.

Every sector of the MQM has its own vigilance team for carrying out terrorist activities in their respective areas. Presently, the MQM high command from London has ordered all militants to target the office bearers of the ANP, the Punjab Pashtun Ittehad (PPI) and the splinter group of the MQM called Mohajir Qaumi Movement (Haqiqi) in Karachi.


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Shame on you Mubashir ............ why didn't you invite the real culprit MQM representative? If they weaseled out why didn't you mention that?

yes In fact he do not want his body be founded in Bori. Same is the case of All anchors of verious channels
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