Khari Baat - 16th March 2011 - Sheikh Rasheed - Raymond Davis Released... A Great Embarrassment For


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I am not surprised by the punjab govt decision since i still remember those days when Mian Nawaz Sharif handed over Aimal Kansi to America where he was executed for killing CIA men.CIA killed his uncle and Aimal Kansi took revenge of his uncle . When Mian Nawaz Sharif ,the then Prime Minister was asked that we donot have any extradition treaty with america then why do u have to hand over your own citizen to america.He replied that " Madam ne phone kiya to riha to kerwana hi ta ". That madam was Medelien Albright , the then US foreign secretory. The day Aimal Kansi dead body was brought back to pakistan,Someone in the higher ups commented that "THIS LOHAR (NAWAZ SHARIF)CAN BE A SUCCESSFUL PIMP RATHER THEN A PRIME MINISTER ".
Muslim league N has repeated their own history once again so not to be surprised. He was the first one who sold pakistan citizen to america.