Khara Sach - 11th September 2013 نامعلوم افراد کا سب کو معلوم -


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Operation should not only confined in one area infact all over karachi particularly those where security forces likely to believe that situation gets worst during strikes etc


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Give powers to City Governments. Bringing Police from outside Sind and Karachi will further complicate things. 1850 old British system gives rural Pakistan more power to rule rest of urban population. They do not belong to urban areas and they have not developed rural lands, that's why they have destroyed whole urban Pakistan. That's why world wide democracies including China have adopted Strong City Government system. We need to abolish this 1850s Provincial governments and let cities and villages run by its own locals. When we use all western and American policies and principles in Pakistani financial, medical, technological, economic, academic, engineering, music, food, and in many area; then why not political governance system adopted by the world. American is run by its 19,700 Mayor so does China its more than 41,636 elected Mayors. Unless we adopt that system and let each city and town protect its own interest and people. Karachi issue will get worst and will destroy Pakistan. If MQM have mandate in Karachi and Hyderabad; giving them City Government will help Pakistan not hurt. Same way PML-N in Lahore, IK in KPK, and other parties in Sind and Baluchistan. We need to have 35+ provinces and Strong City Governments. THINK.


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Mubbashir Luqman ko mqm ney lift krana chor diya hey. isi liye he is bitter with mqm.

اللہ کا شکر ہے کہ مبشر راہ راست پر آيا ورنہ قاتلوں کي صحبت قتل سے زيادہ بري ہوتي ہے


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ملعون قابيل موومنٹ عرف ايم کيو ايم دہشت گرد غدار وطن راء سي آئي اے اور موساد کے ايجنٹس ہيں