Kashmir Sikh family, hit by Floods rescued by their Muslim neighbours take shelter at a mosque in Sr


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Re: Kashmir Sikh family, hit by KashmirFloods rescued by their Muslim neighbours take shelter at a mosque in Srinagar.

isay ikhlaq kehtay hain,jisay dekh kar loog musalman hotay hain,agar in k Neighbours talban ya un ki hamyet karnay walay hotay tu,in ko bachanay ki bijaye maar dena tha,,ALLAH talban aur un ki hamyet karnay waloon se sab ko bachaye aameen,


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Kashmir Flood Live Updates

Kashmir Flood Live Updates
Indian Army is just showing footage of rescue and
on ground they are doing nothing. According to
the Kashmir Watch reporter many relatives of
people have reported Indian Army to rescue
around 200 people stranded at Lal Ded Hospital
in Srinagar and they were surprised to hear when
they denied to help with the excuse that they
have to first save the Sikhs from the locality and
Granth Sahib from the Gurduwara.

Many doctors including Dr Shahnaz Teng
(daughter of M. Yousuf Teng) are stranded at Lal
Ded Hospital.

According to sources Dr Shahnaz has teased over
phone to her pro Indian politicians father by
saying that "how you have been part of such a
vicious and immoral government".

Indian helicopters are only taking sorties over
Srinagar and rescuing only their selected persons
including Indian tourists from different states and
most probably their informers and under over
officers as per instructions from Badami Bagh
army cantonment.

Thousands of stranded people are waiting for help
on the top floors of their houses in many parts of
Rajbagh, Kursu, Jawahar Nagar, Badshahi Bagh,
Wazir Bagh, Barzulla, Sanat Nagar, Rawalpora,
Nattipora are completely hit by heavy floods while
as other side of bypass Hyderpora area is safe.
Hundreds of houses have collapsed resulting
death of thousands of people.
According to Kashmir Watc
h, Srinagar down town
areas of Khanyar, Hawal and Soura are safer and
less flooded.
There are no reports from other parts of Kashmir
as the Administration is totally defunct and Indian
Army is controlling Kashmir space and waters to
watch the death and destruction of Kashmiri
in 2005 when thousands of people died after an
earthquake hit the both the sides of Kashmir,
Indian Army had been heard by the rebel�s
wireless station by saying that " Let them
(Kashmir) die to save our bullets".
Meanwhile Kashmiris based in London hold an
emergency meeting and approached Govt of India
to allow them to aid the stranded people in
Kashmir. According to the reports from London
Govt of India has denied any UK based or foreign
NGO to start any aid or charity activities in
India is also responsible for flooding Pakistan and
JuD Chief has termed this act as Indian water
terrorism. People have blamed India for suddenly
releasing river water into Pakistan, violating an
understanding of giving warning before opening
It is too late and slow rescue operation by Indian
army in the flood hit areas of Kashmir. As
millions of People are still trapped in collapsed
and flooded houses. Roads are blocked by falling
trees and electric poles. They don�t take local
guides on their boats to reach the trapped people.
Deliberate tactics to kill Kashmiris, says a human
rights activist to Kashmir Watch.

Indian Army is less effective to take operations to
rescue people. No mikes in boats of Army. People
who are stranded are trapped inside collapsed
houses as Indian Army men are reportedly
avoiding to rescue men folks and just searching
for women with bad intensions of molestation,
revealed a human rights activist from Srinagar to

India has not yet pressed into service its flood
combating units of Naval and marine teams or
National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), a
disaster response agency. It is almost now fifth
day that Indian Army has started low speed
rescue operation even knowing that the disaster
is at high scale.

Several battalions of the army and navy were
used to evacuate people when Cyclone Phailin hit
in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and
Jharkhand last year, but in Kashmir we don�t
see such type of a rescue operation, told the
human rights activist. He said that Indian face is
again exposed to the people of Kashmir and it will
further widen the gap between the people and
Indian Govt.

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Re: Kashmir Flood Live Updates

This was Modi's plan to flood Pakistan and to teach the Muslims of Jammu Kashmir
a lesson. These floods will happen every year. Pakistan has been getting these
floods since 2010 and now they are doing same with people of Jammu. In winter
Pak will get a drought like last year what happened in Sindh and summers they
get flooded. But still government has done nothing.


A mosque in Kashmir gives shelter to Hindus displaced by floods -

It is evening time and the maulvi here just sounded the azaan, the call for prayer and devouts rush inside to offer namaaz. Shortly thereafter, scores of people assemble in the tented courtyard of the mosque to have food. This is Jama Masjid in Hyderpora area which has turned into a major relief centre for those affected by the devastating floods in the Kashmir valley, housing hundreds of people, including women and children. - See more at: http://indianexpress.com/article/in...pora-jama-masjid-a-symbol-of-communal-harmony





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Re: A mosque in Kashmir gives shelter to Hindus displaced by floods -

Good to see that there are practicing Muslims out there. Masha Allah.
May Allah grant them all quick recoveries of their homes and lives.
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