Kamran Shahid lashes out at Shehbaz Sharif and PMLN leaders


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This bastard Shehbaz said paan khanay walay bhai, unkay Karanchi ko Lahore banaoon ga, so only and only for him please forgive me to pass this message that I heard in jokes but never said because of my upbringings that never allowed me, I will tell him that Karanchi would never like to be your lahore CHOPAY. Chopay means JANWAR and he just proved to be a Chopaya. I am very against to think or say these types or words, we might have used them among friends in friendly environment for each other different words but never had in hearts any disrespect for any one, but this bastard is trying to spread this fire of racism, that will harm already burning Pakistan, so let's burn this bastard in his own lit fire and save Pakistan.


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یہ ڈائلاگ اس خاندانی ک اور میراثی مشدو ...می نے بتاے ہونگے اسی واسطے یہ طوائف خصلت جعلی اور خود ساختہ سید لیکن یہ لعنتی مشاہد اصلی اور سچا خاندانی ک اور میراثی ہے جو ایک طوائف کی طرح اپنے ریٹ لگوا کر ہر حکومت میں شامل ہو جاتا ہے دراصل ایسے ....میوں اور گھٹیا غلیظ لعنتی فراڈیوں کو جہنم رسید کر کے ملک کو پاک کرنے کی ضرورت ہے