Kamran Akmal 60 Runs in CPL Final 2015 Man of The Match


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good job K akmal, but shady character when selected in Pakistani team, do we need him, he drops catches
akmals and brothers yeh leagues khelen tou acha hain bcoz this leagues are bookings heaven.....jitna kamana hain kamaye....but inko national team main lena.....tou take take pe mulk pachdein.......cricket ke zardari aur Nawaz hain ..yeh dono bhai.....aur chotawala bare se zyada shatir hain.......team main rehne ke liye ..Abdul qadir ka damad hi bangaya..

Liaqat Hussain

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Is Akmla playing as a wicket keeper batsman or just a batsman?

because as a wicket keeper he doesn't have any place at all in Pakistan team. We have Sarfraz and now even better keeper in Rizwan


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He had two problems
1) Bad keeping2
2) Creating politics in the team

Rest he have an average of 26 in ODI after playing 154 matches, so he cant be added to team as just Batsman either.
Case closed !


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yes he is playing v good, but we don't have any place for him in national team, sorry kamran akmal

ali raja 11

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we don't need him he is a sazshi player always do grouping in team and when sarfraz and rizwan r in team he is no where near to their keeping