Kal Tak - 4th July 2012 - Mian Mehmood ur Rasheed, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed & Imtyaz Safdar -


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Assalam o Alaikum,

Political leaders are no doubt very bad. But this army is the greatest Haram Khor and worthless of all time. But does not matter they have to answer for this Haram Khori and betrayal on the day of judgement. Then we will have the opportunity to file a case before Allah against these beghairats that we fed these pigs from our Halal income, loved them however at the end not only they did Haram Khori but also supported Kufar and help them killing even innocent Pakistanis.


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I have no objection to open the nato supply routes but the transit fee pak was demanding $5000 per container but US upto $2000/- was agreed to pay according to sources in media but all of a sudden ,transit fee is quashed-why? what did pakistan got in return,should be made in public.if pak quashed transit fee because pak will get kerry lugar bill amount and nato support fund which pak have already spent.I have already said that civilian and establishment dont have real good policy makers.This was the time when pak could take advantage and charge them transit fee which could be used to repair our roads ,security and insurance.If pak will be getting the money other than transit fee,should be made public.At the end of year it crossess billion mark?