Kal Tak 10th August 2010


Kashmala Tariq PML-Q, Ch. Abdul Ghafoor PML-N and Uzma Bukhari PPP in fresh episode of Kal Tak in Express News & discusses current issue with Javed Chaudhry.

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According to abdul ghaffoor PML-N this is "azabi elahi" because of data Darbar bomb blast ,ahmadia mosque blast and others but no one is arrested and who are arrested ,no action against them is taken at all.There are reports like police,there are some black sheeps in ISI not all who are behind these killers along with the politicians thats why no action taken.can we be sincere with our nation.who is behind them,low level or high level people ,action should be taken.we are destroying our own country ourselves but how long.Lets get serious and get tough with these killers.some of religious fanatics are also involved,i would like to add kamran Shafi's statement in Dawn which he asked very valuable questions to intelligence agencies who are considered # 1 then why the blasts took place in their presence.its upto to the agencies to answer these questions,why not a single terrorist is hanged ,"azabi elahi" have to take place when cruelty and injustices taking place in the country.
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Guys we shouldnt forget , he is also a very crouppt journalist, even in plots scandel in islamabad, and the way he talk ,look like teaching the dumps, as a anchor he should bring the questions and arguments which we dont even have in mind, i mean viewers