Jundullah is backed by US (CIA). Confessions of Jundullahs leader Abdulmalek Rigi


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In order to dismantle a nation-state, you need three things; time, propaganda and traitors from within the country. In the latter endeavor, Western lobies have been able to find many eager recruits often willing to betray their nation for money and/or status.
There is much evidence to suggest that Western lobbies are supporting violent, ethno-racist, and fringe terrorist groups. One such case is the pro-Taliban Jundullah Baluchistan separatist group which has conducted a series of violent terrorist bombings in Iran. Jundullah’s leader Abdulmalek Rigi was captured by Iranian intelligence who forced his aircraft to land inside Iran in February 201 (see report by The New York Times on February 23, 2010 and Tehran Times on August 11, 2011).

Abdulmaek Rigi’s plane was forced to land in Iran by Iranian forces in February 2010. His organization known as Jundullah is an ethno-racist separatist terrorist group which has routinely murdered civilians, including children. Rigi confessed that he has had support from the Obama administration.

This group attacked Iran on orders from US, and now have attacked a church in Pakistan just before Pakistani PM went to UN General Assembly.

Taken from: http://www.kavehfarrokh.com/articles/pan-turanism/question-7/
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Fard Qaim Rabt-e-Millat say hay, tanha kuch nahi
Moj hay Darya may or bayroon-e-Darya Kuch nahi

Allama Iqbal.....


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دہشت گردی کے خلاف جنگ کا سپہ سالار بھی خود امریکہ ہے


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He was caught in February and hanged in May the same year whereas non of arrested Terrorist in Pakistan has been hanged so far.

This shows the seriousness of our rulers and judiciary toward Terrorism and now every idiot blaming IK for every wrong doing in Pakistan.


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jundullah-CIA relation is not a secret anymore... and still some people are doubtful about the problems in pakistan created by americans...


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jundullah-CIA relation is not a secret anymore... and still some people are doubtful about the problems in pakistan created by americans...

The basic aim seems to be never-ending anarchy/civil war, the same which is currently going on in Iraq, Egypt & Syria.

They tried to do it in Turkey but were unsuccessful.


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In the beginning of the thread traitors from within the nation are mentioned. Have we ever thought why we we have so abundant traitors from within. Perhaps very few, we keep on harping traitor, ghaddar but nobody is ready to see the basic problem. To me the basic problem is injustice and exploitation, these are actually the seeds which lead to the crop of the so called traitors. Until and unless we we strictly follow the rules of justice and equality by Islam the problem will persist.


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o yaar 2 kisam ke group hein jiski tum log baat kar rahe ho wo iran se hai..jis ne us din attack kiya wo Pakistani hain


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As I mentioned before it's nexus of CIA+MOSAD+RAW who are behind these terrorists attacks, reasons Afghanistan+to fuel political instability to somehow get the knowledge of/acquire/disable our nukes !
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