Judicial Commission's findings need to be examined through a microscope.

Saladin A

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There is no shadow of doubt that Pakistani judiciary is corrupt, politically motivated and influenced. Its' judges and officers can be bought and sold in the open market by those in power and with wallet full of million of dollars as they would hire a street whore.

If the Judicial Commission findings regarding vote rigging in 2013 general election were true, it would be the greatest miscarriage of justice in Pakistan's history and should endorse and encourage vote rigging, manipulating and ballot boxes tampering by corrupt politicians to win general elections, bye elections and local authorities elections.
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Saladin A

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It will revealed in few months when the chief justice retires and how he was rewarded by Nawaz Shariff. This report has further stained our judiciary's reputation as a cheap whore ready to please its rich customer with plenty of lolly.


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S prediction was right many of us Said so and that os exactly What happened. Wonder why?

No one accountable for 2013 elections and neither anything concerning 2018 elections.

Liaqat Hussain

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I'm sure Khan would be going through the report right now as we speak. Let's see what he has to say

Really tough situation for khan


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جس میں انصاف ہوتا دکھائی نہ دے
سچ کی للکار جس میں سنائی نہ دے
ایسی تحقیق کو ایسی تحریر کو
ہم نہیں مانتے ہم نہیں جانتے