jiyala tv scandal making rounds cyber space


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The TV channel started by influential Sheikh family having strong links with previous government of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is marred with serious financial controversies.

Employees of Capital TV often referred as Jiyala TV in journalistic circles for the publicly announced links of its owners with PPP are being deprived of their basic salaries for at least last three months. The employees of Capital TV are raising their voices, sometimes openly and sometimes in an anonymous capacity, on social and internet media.

The employees are facing huge problems for not being able to pay outstanding dues of utility services, childrens education, daily traveling and in some cases for their regular meals. However, according a news story which seems to be having pro-owners side specifically blame one department in Capital TV for the whole financial crises.

The story tells that how Fahd Hussain senior journalist joined Capital TV on an attractive salary of over Rs 2 million and inducted his favorites on higher than market packages.

The same story narrates another version of Capitals financial crises that two renown media agencies left the countries without paying their dues.

However, the inside sources of Capital TV tell something else. There are few employees who are receiving the salaries on regular basis, a previous employee of told Saach.TVs correspondent. The criteria of getting your salaries is how close you are with the owners, source added further.

The same source also told that owners of Capital TV have now adopted emotional tactics to convince their employees not to malign them at social media forums. One of the sons of Sheikh family (name kept anonymous) went to every department requesting not to malign in public. The son offered an employee who was worried for the school fee of his children in Karachi to get his children inducted in government schools. Another employee was offered a loan from government to meet his financial problems, source said.

Apart from the individual employee, few journalists have created a forum to help their fellow journalists. An email, apparently sent by Journalist Forum is making rounds on the internet for last few days. This email was being sent to almost all senior journalists and media representative bodies.

The content of the email is as under without any changes:

I had been hearing for last many months about Capital Tv that the employees are not getting the salaries.
Then I kept reading on Facebook about this .

Yesterday I decided to visit the Capital TV and to meet the employees in person to know the actual situation.
when I reached capital tv , same time a huge sized black BMW entered in the gate and a man in glasses wearing a very expensive branded dress came out of the car. He was Hasham Riaz Shaik,

any way i met too many employees of Capital Tv and heard horrible things ,

people have not received salaries since May, and if some body insists he is asked to leave the job.

employees have lost their rented houses, their kids names have been removed from their schools.

the employees do not have even to take medicine for their wives are kids if they are sick.

the worst side of this picture is that the MD Basit Riaz Shaikh gives a cold response and get angry if some body demands salary.

I am unable to understand that why Pemra do not cancel capital tvs license? there is a clear law of pemra that the channel must have sufficient funds upto a certain limit.

Why Afzal But do not meet the owners and get this issue solved, if afzal but gets time from uploading his pictures on FB.

why Chief Justice of Pakistan do not take an action against this fake annoying and irritating capital tv?

are you all people who can , infact help these employees of capital tv waiting for some major accident?

are u people waiting if some one suicide , then u will play politics on his dead body?

do not wait for this worst moment please

please do not let the people reach to a point of frustration.

i am afraid the employees will catch the MD some time and after that i cant say he will survive or not.

plz send others journalist (Sic)
- See more at: http://www.saach.tv/2013/09/23/jiyala-tv-scandal-making-rounds-cyber-space/#sthash.aAfUkc0C.dpuf


First of all this is a one sided story. Secondly Capital TV is privately owned by a PPP supporter but has nothing to do with PPP's official policy.


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First of all this is a one sided story. Secondly Capital TV is privately owned by a PPP supporter but has nothing to do with PPP's official policy.
LOL Privately owned by PPP supporter,.. just like PAC is privately owned/run by PPP supporters and nothing to do with ppp's official policy,. Do you think we all are smoking weed here?
Capital tv is the result of Nawaz Zardari Noora kushti. Capital tv's main target is PTI and Imran Khan because PPP survival lies in the destruction of PTI. Nooras also want PPP to form next government because Nooras survival also lies in the survival of dynastic Politics in Pakistan. Game is on...... Now its the duty of Pakistani youth to expose this dirty game because future of Pakistan lies in the Politics of change and PTI is the only Hope.

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ایک بندہ ایسا بھی جس کی سات ائی ڈی ہیں میری بھی دو ائی ڈی ہیں
7 wala kn hai???????mery khayal mein hafty ky har aik din aik id use krta hai,,,,,,,,,,,wesy teri dosri id knsi hai,,,,,,,,,,yeh na hoo ghalti mein ya ghusay mein ulta seedha bol dn tu jb dosri id sy hoo............