Jirga - 12th July 2010 - Masood Sharif Khattak, Syed Kaleem Imam


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Salah-Ud-Din Babar IG Sindh, Tariq Saleem Dogar IG Punjab, Syed Kaleem Imam IG Islamabad, Masood Sharif Khattak Former Director IB and Malik Naveed Khan IG Khaber Pakhtoun Khawa

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it is not the law, it is lack of intelligence to save Pakistan and it people by some clever acts, Recently in Toronto a world meeting was held, in order to save the city and its people Police used tactics which may fringe on illegality but it did save the city so all have ignored the powers used by police.

So please learn to act in a patriotic way and cross the lines if police have to to save the country, city and the people. the trouble maker are abound, our police can act aggressive against thugs and do not worry about repercussion.

Police do it when it comes to many other problems locally, why not use their powers to save the people and talk later about improving the law.

Please get the criminals and stop bickering about law or lack of it later.

A video of seeking forgiveness.

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