JI lawmakers term Islamabad sit-ins unconstitutional


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JI lawmakers term Islamabad sit-ins unconstitutional

TIMERGARA: The lawmakers of Jamaat-i-Islami from Lower Dir on Sunday termed the `Azadi` and `Inqilab` sit-ins in Islamabad unconstitutional and a step to destabilise the democratic government in the country.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony of a private bus stop in Timergara, MPA Muzafar Syed and MPA Saeed Gul said that agitation against the sitting government was right of opposition parties but it should be done within the constitutional provisions. The JI lawmakers said they would criticise the federal government but would never derail democracy. They said that every government must complete itstenure of five years.

JI district chief and former MNA Maulana Asadullah, former provincial minister and PPP leader Mehmood Zeb Khan, Assistant Commissioner Mohammad Ayaz Mohmand, former president of Timergara Traders Union Ihtishamul Haq, QWP leader Khurshid Anwar Tajak and Maulana Azizul Haq also addressed the gathering.

MPA Muzafar Syed said that both the sit-ins in Islamabad had paralysed day to day business of the government at the centre and provinces. He said that holding musical shows and singing at the sit-ins showed that the protesters were not serious in their demands.

The workers of Pakistan Tehreeki-Insaf, a coalition partner of JI in the provincial government, and Pakistan Awami Tehreek had staged sit-ins in Islamabad against the federal government to seek resignation of the prim minister.

Other speakers also condemnedsuch style of politics and said that there was need to resole genuine problems of the nation instead of putting it in danger.

They said that people should not support such type of agitation and should keep their children away from negative politics.

THEFT CASE: Unidentified thieves stole two motorcycles, spare parts of vehicles and Rs170,000 cash from a motorcycle showroom in Gulabad Adenzai on Saturday night, police said.

They said that the thieves also sprayed red chilles in front of the looted showroom so that they couldn`t be traced with the help of sniffer dogs. The showroom is located at a busy market on ChakdaraTimergara Road.

Ouch Adenzai police registered a case against unidentified thieves and started investigation.

WATER SHORTAGE: The residents of different villages in Lower Dir on Sunday complained aboutacute shortage of drinking water in their areas.

In their separate statements, the residents of various areas said that they were finding it hard to get potable water because the water supply schemes were out of order.

They said that women had to fetch water from distant places. The residents of Soghalay, Banrgay and Qaziabad said the water supply scheme in their villages had been out of order for the last one month owing to low power voltage.

Similarly, the residents of Khall, Hajiabad, Maidan, Samar Bagh, Khazana, Chakdara and Rabat also complained about shortage of drinking water.

They demanded of the provincial government to take notice of the situation and resolve the issue.

Meanwhile, the chief engineer of public health engineering, Kifayatullah, told local journalists that 40 water supply schemes were out of order owing to one reason orother. He said that consumers had to pay Rs80 million as arrears.

He said that Pesco repairing unit was paid properly to repair some transformers in the areas but despite the lapse of several days those transformers could not be repaired.

The official said that low power voltage was the basic cause of closure of water supply schemes as the voltage was not sufficient to run motor pumps of the tubewells.

VILLAGE COMMITTEES: The operation commander in Maidan, Lt Col Zeeshan, on Sunday asked residents of the area to make functional village defence committees and inform security forces in case of any suspicious movement.

Addressing a jirga in Lal Qila, he said that villagers would be questioned if any untoward incident occurred in their villages.

He said that security forces were protecting lives and properties of people but they needed public support.



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For Jamaat Islami only constitutional protest is those in which public property is damaged, shops are forced to closed, tyres are burned and people are being killed.

Following are JI constitutional protests, facilitating peoples lives and show their seriousness.

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Blame game ! Jahan cars jal rahi hen wahan JI ka flag tu nahi....aap zyadah jazbati hogai hen aisa koe protest JI ne nahi kia kabhi agar prove he tu lao

Altaf Lutfi

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mera hajam bhi aaj sweray meri shave banatay huay yehi keh raha tha. lekin asal problem yeh hai keh in law makers, meray hajam, democracy, constitution hatta keh Pakistan se bhi zyada aham khud Pakistani awaam hain. doosari cheez hoti hai kisi baat ki mantiq aur is mantiq k liay kaafi saboot.....PTI aur PAT par ilzaam hai keh danday se baat manwana chahtay hain. Hakoomat bhi tu danday k zor par hi musallat rehna chahti hai, shakook door nai karna chahti, tafteesh bardasht nai. kehtay hain PTI aur PAT fauj lana chah rahay hain lekin jis wajah se fauj aanay ka imkaan hai, us wajah ko hakoomat khud uljhati ja rahi hai.


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Aaj ye din bhi humne dekhna tha ke TUQ aur IK ki coordination with every second marches shuru hone se bhi pehle se aur IK ki nyat per koe shak nahi magar TUQ Q league aur status quo ke log inqilaab larahay hen ya IK ko use karrahay hen.....JI ne humesha IK ki himayat ki he aur Governt ko kisi bhi karwai se rooka even resignations bhi accept na karne ki request ki.....

Syed Ali Raza

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The line of the definition of status-quo and anti-statusquo parties has been drawn. If JI doesn't come in front and support the election rigging cause than they are even worse than PPP. Atleast people like qaira said that no inquiry is needed after M.Afzal exposure.


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Ok now prove NS ordered what happened in model town....I'm waiting :)

Be patient, I remember ur comments that on 15th August PTI will not be on this forum caz of embarrassment but hey look around all ur clan has disappeared, one at a time we will get all the crooks:)