Jewish lobby investing on Imran Khan,Naya Pakistan woh Pakistan hoga jahan Israel se taluqat bharae


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PMLN at its best.... jab koi or point nahi milta to oon ke iss trah ke lafafay yaad aa jaatay hain.....

jis ke munh ko haram maal lag jaay oos se or kia umeed rakhna


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we all know khan is yahudi agent
its old now
lets talk about panama and Raw agent yadev

about noora corruption and chuto gang

sala ak chuto puri Patwari league ko hijra bana dayta hay



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apke iss ********* ****** traitor munafiq ganjju jisne musalman ka libada oraa howa hai lekin hai andar se Allah ka dushman. Jews lobby apke iss ****** league patwarii se hazar darjey baitar hogi.. IK munafiq nhi.. aur na choor hai


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This nonsense is not gonna work anymore, its not the 90's. Even
the jahils are finding out the true colours of PMLN and their links
with RAW.


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Re: سالے ظافر کا انکشاف

Should I believe this or his reports on Nawaz Sharif having sex toys at prime minister house?


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Re: سالے ظافر کا انکشاف

اس قدر حیرت انگیز اور تشویشناک انکشافات



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Re: سالے ظافر کا انکشاف





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Re: سالے ظافر کا انکشاف

Imran khaan yahoodi Agent hai aur Nawaz Shareef yahoodiyon ka ghulaam

Fatima Batoul

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Re: سالے ظافر کا انکشاف

سالے ظافر جیسے جاندار ہر جگہ پائے جاتے ہیں ...... ایسی مخلوق کو انسان یا صحافی ثابت کرنے سے گریز کیا جائے .... پلیز

I Love Muhammad (PBUH)

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Re: سالے ظافر کا انکشاف

Some times even education can not not change a jahil person . This man is certainly one of them . Making such accusations will only result in one thing and that is ,IK will become more and more popular.


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Good, Pak can learn a lot from Israel, good relations with Israel is in favour of Pakistan, they are a leading nation in science and technology,


black money in PTI funds and billion rupees spent on one constituency just makes this allegation more and more believable