Jewish Fundamantalist ? Zuckerberg should DIVORCE his non Jewish Wife: Jewish Elders and Community


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Hahaha, lmao, rofl .... Nobody in the whole world knows about this news but only daily "ummat" knows. Thats why the whole ummat is going to dogs. Jamaation sudhar jai verna koi tumhari G per aisi laat maray ga tumhara P nikal jay ga.


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ab sochnay ki bari tumharihay kay ager eak yahoodi larka kisi gaer yahoodi say shadi un ko manzoor nahi tu??????????????????? imran ko kis tarha unhon nay qabool kar liya koi na koi tu bat ho gi jo un hon nay mazahmat nahi ki es kay tu bachay chalo yahoodi hon gay mager jamima kay tu yahoodi nahi hosaktay thay pher ya imran ko saport bhi karti hay sochanay ki bat hay ager tum log socho tu.????????????????


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Dooron ko naseehat, khud mian faseehat!! Imran na jewish larki shadi ki yehi reaction tha. ummat news ka jo fundamental jewish ka ha.


Yaar Pehay Yeah tow Bata
Mirza Ghulam Ahmed PAADYANI nai
Kon sa LOLY POP kahYa tha
Kai PAICHAS hi band na Howey???

rabi mumtaz padari kay follower lekhna tu seekh lay , 2 classes parhi hoti tu tera yeah haal na hota .. aur han listen dont bother replying, I'm done with you ..get lost now


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tujay gusa aya yani tu Rabi Mumtaz Padari ka follower hai (clap) pakar liya , pakar liya
Gandi Aadatain Chorna nahi
Akhir Pujari kis kai ho
Waisay Es ko Yeah SHOAK phailay sai hi tha Ya Baad main PAIDA howa






Ummat is a super duper news paper and manufacturers news. I think now it is tired of screwing mqm as its spreading of false and concocted news against mqm is not having any affect on masses so it is now after face book yehudi lobby. By the way do you know that ummat's editor rafiq afghan was accused by his wife (daughter of shaheed salahuddin editor of takbir) for conspiring to kill her father. Initially an mqm guy called jugnu was accused of his murder and police tortured and killed jugnu in liaqata bad but later salahuddin shaheed's daughter (rafiq afghan's wife) found rafiq in sinister activities and found out that he was the guy actually responsible to kill salahuddin as he was pushing their driver to give false witness that he saw mqm guys murdering salahuddin where as actually some commando type of people killed him. This is ummat the news paper manufacturing news under the fraduia mr. Rafiq afghan the great jehadist. These are the people maligning our religion and country through false news and using name of islam for their sinister activities.


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"Ummat" (btw. which ummat?) News is nothing but a Joke. If Zuckerberg would feed these Janooni hungry mouths of these Mullahs, then they would call him their Messiah. This is his personal matter. Why are these ignorant Ummti news publisher so unaware that "gheebat" is a bad thing?!?!