jemima khan clear all confusion about benami land


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Is this true I heard on twitter that Umar Cheema's (journalist's) Mustache and Hair was shaved off and allegedly he was "raped" by ISI?

Please can someone shed some light on this?

Thats true. It happened almost 2 years ago . You can see hamid mir special program on it. He exposed army when musharraf ask 3 army officer to do operation in lal masjid 3 months in advance so they refused to kill their own people & musharraf court martial them after 3 months he did operation as it was plan & killed so many pakistanis inside masjid. He break that news


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who do you think i beleive maryam nawaz who open her legs without nikkah, and got pregnant and ranaway with capt. safdar ****** ka munh kala kar ke.
i feel pity on those people who can go on jemima"s statement...We better dont invite Jews to interfair in our matters.
if tommorrow imran will do some thing worst and jews will have to clearify???????what is this nonesense.
wake up pakistanis

who is she???
if you invovle jemima in this issue then why you get upset when people talk about her character.
she is not worthy to be trusted.
so its better to dont involve jews in muslims matter.


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