Jawab Chahye 11th April 2016 - Faisal Raza Abidi Exclusive Interview

Since their is no Justice in Pakistan in any department including our armed forces, why cant they go to the Judges of Supreme Court of Pakistan and ask them , what is happening, why dont you take some action and get this thing sorted out, if an Ex Senator Faisal Reza Abdi is giving his views why dont the Judges ask him to come before them so that the people of Pakistan know the real truth, My parents migrated to Pakistan with their children leaving whatever they and their forefather had in India, just to be a part of a Muslim community and thought that this will be a country where we will be able to re-interpret the Islamic Laws for todays world, this was supposed to be that country, how far we have fallen we have become a Nation of Munafiqs, May ALLAH guide us all to HIS right and straight Path and give us the strenfth of character to be able to hold the responsible persons for this and get them convicted in a court of Law RABBANA TAQABBAL DUAA


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this item number dr danish has changed channels but drama is still same

he knows very well that nothing is going to happen to Nawaz
money speaks in Pakistan and 75% of nation is clueless on what is Panama papers?

he just does this drama to get rating and survival of his program