Javed Hashmi Speach PTI dharna with imran khan


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I truly wish brother columbus watch this video and accept that it was a huge dharna not a dharniiiiii


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Hashmi spoke bravely...I think He should join PTI as soon as possible cos after this truth he has spoken today Shareef brothers will kick him out.Or at least take revenge by making him an example.

M javed

Is this true - you get groomed at one platform.

Then forcefully you claim a place of your own wishes at that platform.

If that is not allowed - you auction yourself to other political opponents to give a higher bid.

We respect Javed Hashmi and the sacrifices he gave for PMLN

to gain something or for the sake of the country interest, loyalty is the foremost condition.

This gathering must have confined to drone attacks and not a platform for promoting political differences.

We know imran khan is in a deadly attempt to get mileage on the basis of a country in crisis

he is neither a genius politician nor has he an independent programme to steer the country out of these crisis.

It is just the establishment of Pakistan who is working on the directions given by america to bring many and all the small political parties together to obstruct the way forward for only one party i.e. Pakistan muslim league (n).

You can name all these small parties as mqm, pml(q) and tehreek-e-insaaf.

It is all artificial and imran khan seems to have high appetite for all those who have some standing in the society or other political parties.

We see a great chaos at the government level who is endeavouring hard to gather reconciliation from where-ever possible to live alive until next elections.

We see a political election group in formation for the next elections consisting of all the small parties and peoples party.

This is because america continues to wish for a next government in pakistan to continue to be in place to protect their interests as musharraf and zardari did (forget interests of Pakistan and its people).

To achieve this, america will spend money and influence and our slave-to-order army.

Imran khan like altaf bhai, zardari, fazal-ur-rehman and choudhary group is part of this american plan.

God-forbidden, if this plan goes ahead as designed and is achieved, the worst situation and the national crisis in which we are currently in will become worst on worst.

Therefore, the people of pakistan must be awakened of this new american trap.

God save us and our country
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Well said Javeed Hashmi!

My Dear Politicians,
Please come out of your shells and conventional diplomacy, rahter to say hipocracy to support his dying nation


rassi jal gai pr bal nahi gaya..................javed hashmi ko PML N ne jo izat di hai wo bhi sab ko patta hai , unko ap logoon ne mush dour ki aziyat naak jail katnay ka jo silla diya hai wo bhi kisi se chhuppa hoa nahi hai...........asal mein qasoor javed hashmi ka sab se ziada hai k wo khawaja asif , mushahidulllah jesay darbariyoon ki tarah badshah salamat ki ji hazoori nahi karta..................aesay gustaakhoo ki phir pazeerai to nahi hoti na shahi darbar mein..................
now it became dharnaaaa after javed hashmi join ( including muslim league noon workers and supporter ).


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Salam pakistan salam pmln salam javed hashmi humay fakhir hai key pmln key pass aisay ledear hai jo ik key dharni ko dharna bana sakhtay


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Salam pakistan salam pmln salam javed hashmi humay fakhir hai key pmln key pass aisay ledear hai jo ik key dharni ko dharna bana sakhtay

hahaha...Frustration and helplessness,that why didn't PMLN didnt organize this Dharna.I feel for u.

A leader like Hashmi has chosen the wrong party and people,He should be in a credible Party like PTI.


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Fakhar e Pakistam Javed Hashmi but he is in a wrong ***** party...He should be leading Tahreek e insaaf along with IK. That is need of the hour..