Javed Hashmi comes out against PML-N


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Javed Hashmi while giving an interview to Express News said some things which shows that he is not happy in PML-N:

* The lack of democracy in political parties is a culture of our country. Even PML-N has no democracy.

* Fake terrorism cases were made against people of my constituency and my relatives in Musharaff era but those cases are still in place.

* While giving funds to constituencies they deliberately dont give funds to my constituency.

* The party leadership dont like me criticizing their actions.

* The Punjab government is against my workers.




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He is one of the few ... there are others too. Javed Hashmi is a national asset like Sayyed Zafar Ali Shah of Naushero Feroz NA 212.
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The only decent person I know in PMLN(party of credit card theif, raper, fake degrees etc)...I would say right man at wrong place....


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I also agree that he is a good man. Looks loyal to pakistan and a true person. But now he is acting late. If he had done bagawat in pml n some 2 years back then this friendly opposition could not had allowed zardari to become president so easily


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Javed Hashmi is no doubt gem of a politician. I heard that program front line and now i read this new posted above. You get complete different picture when you read this news.
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