Its Imran Khan's speciality to specifically appoint incompetent people - Haroon Rasheed

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Its a good thing he is thick skinned and ignores baba's like him. The media will whinge and cry even if he appoints angels directly descended from the heavens. Case in point if he selects old experienced people, the same media cries, oh what change IK is bringing, these the same people who were with xyz before. Brings news people, oh look he brought totally new and inexperienced people who don't know anything.

Medias example is that of the donkey and father and son story. If the ride the donkey people cursed them for being cruel to the donkey, if they walked people made fun look how stupid they are they have a healthy donkey and they are walking, so on and so forth in the end they ended up carrying the donkey on their heads and even then people made fun look how stupid they are instead of riding the donkey they are carrying it on their head.

No matter what happens or what is done. The paid media, patwaris and jiyalas are going to keep crying. So they are best left ignored.

Imran the legend

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Baba is so stupid he don’t understand any one if Imran khan employed incompetence people. How he won World Cup?
If he employed incompetence people how he got top Shaukat cancer hospital?
If he employed incompetence people how he got namal top university?
If he employed incompetence people how he Made largest party pti in Pakistan?
If he employed incompetence people how he won elections?
If he employed incompetence people how he won 2/3 majority in Kpk?
If he employed incompetence people how he got biggest Punjab government?
If he employed incompetence people how deficient has come down by 23% in 8 months?
If He has incompetence people how he had best foreign relations with Saudi China and other countries?
The buda has grudge he didn’t get job in government

back to the future

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election of buzdar was the start of blunder
He should remember that there is no room for blunders
He has already committed many mistakes now get hols of reins or leave the place for someone more capable not zardari and shareefs


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Lets be honest IK team selection is not good. To run the economy he needs master graduated of economy level who have just left university, a selection of good minds, who are not influenced by political parties or foreign powers.
Then he should have changed FIA and Nab leaders and apppointed people like arif bhatti and sabir shakir, i know it sounds silly me mentioning them but they would have got the job done.

As for Punjab CM shiekh rasheed would have been a good choice he would have got the job done, again many would disagree but the fact is many in PTI do not have it in them to make much difference.


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خاور مانیکا کی کمپنی کو سعودیہ میں حاجیوں کی رہائش گاھوں کے انتظام کا کنٹریکٹ دیا گیا ھے۔
عمران خود کرپٹ نہیں ھے