Issuance of Visa to South African cricketer Imran Tahir - Here is the other side of the story


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Received version is received from a source in Foreign office

Issuance of Visa to Muhammad Imran Tahir, South African national cricketer


1) Mr. Muhammad Imran Tahir approached the consulate on 4th Sep 2017 around 1100 hrs for issuance of visa for himself and his wife, son and mother in law. All of them carried South African passports. Only Mr. Imran's passport mentioned Pakistan as place of birth.

2) Neither of them had dully filled in visa applications. The Consulate assisted them in filling visa forms for all the family members. This took almost 2 hours.

3) The filled forms did not have any supporting documents (invitation from Pakistan, proof of residence in UK, child's birth certificate or bank statement etc)

4) Mr Imran stated that he can have an invitation faxed to the Consulate from PCB. I (Ahmar) asked him if he required his visa issued immediately the same day, or if he could wait till the next day to pick his visas. He stated that his colleague could pick up the visas the next day, since he'd be busy playing cricket. He also informed that he was travelling by the end of week, and there was no urgency in getting the visas the same day.

5) They agreed to collect their passports today i.e. on 05th September and Imran Tahir’s relative would come to receive the passports.

6) Moreover, they were briefed by the myself that as family of Imran Tahir was South African Nationals and were on visit visa in the UK, therefore, due formalities were all the more important to cover all the legal requirements etc. In addition, the visa of the minor child required his birth certificate as well to prove his parenthood and parental guardianship.

7) Mr. Imran Tahir, however, kept on insisting to get the visa on the same day, and rang Mr. Jabbar Memon, our CG in LA, US. He introduced Mr. Memon to me as his brother.

8) Visas were issued to Mr. Imran as soon as the Consulate received invitation from PCB (which was only in his name, and did not mention his wife or mother in law). This was towards the end of the working day.

9) It was later learned that Mr. Imran has accused the Consulate staff of having pushed him out of the office. When I called him to confirm, he stated that nobody had even touched him, but he was told to come the next day, as originally agreed by him, but he refused to leave the Consulate premises. He said that this attitude was equivalent to pushing someone away.


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Re: Issuance of Visa to South African cricketer Muhammad Imran Tahir - Here is the other side of the story

He is a clown. Ive seen many like him acting in such a way at counselates.


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یہ ڈوکیومنٹ نہیں وہ سٹیفیکٹ نہیں ، سب ڈرامے بازی ھے
شریفوں سے یاری ھو تو بغیر ویزے کے مری میں ملاقاتیں کرتے پائے جاتے ھیں۔


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Then how Imran Tahir and his family got Visa of Pakistan on same day without documents?

Shahid Abassi

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کا نصلیٹ والو اگر کبھی سیاست پی کے پڑھتے ہو تو سنو۔
جب تمھارے اپنے کسی مائی باپ کا ویزہ لگنا ہو، شریفوں کے کسی چوتھی نسل کے باورچی کا ویزہ لگنا ہو یا امریکہ سے ۳۰۰۰ اینٹیلیجنس آپریٹرز کے ویزے لگانے ہو تو نہ تمہیں ڈاکومنٹ چاہیے ہوتے ہیں نہ ایپلیکیشن فارم اور نہ بنک سٹیٹمنٹس۔ ان کے ویزے تو تم پاسپورٹ ان کے گھروں سے اٹھا کر پھر اپنے ڈرئیور کے ذریعے گھر بھی پہنچاتے ہو۔
عمران طاہر جو کہہ رہا ہے وہ صحیح نہیں ہے لیکن اگر تم لوگ حرام خوریاں بند کر کے ہر خاص و عام کو ایک ہی طرح ٹریٹ کرنا شروع کر دو تو عوام بھی تمہارہ جینئوئن بات سنے گی اور تمہیں بیک اپ بھی کرے گی۔
لیکن کیا کریں کہ تم لوگ کچھ بھی ڈیزرو نہیں کرتے۔


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Re: Issuance of Visa to South African cricketer Muhammad Imran Tahir - Here is the other side of the story

He is a clown. Ive seen many like him acting in such a way at counselates.

What made you think that he is clown? I have played with him. he is a very decent guy.


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in the end both parties should have showed some patience . any way tahir is a star let him enjoy his vip hood .:)


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Pakistan consulate is like public bathrooms in Pakistan you pay 10 Rupees to poo but the bathroom is that dirty that you think am I making my poo more dirtier in this bathroom? I hope you understand


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Iqtidar...or ikhtiyaar.....hum pakistanion ko hazam nahee very rightly said by Nisar sb.

In this case....sayr ko sawa sayr....imran tahir sb apni taaqat kay nashay mein...or phir humaray consulate walay...un ka to poochiye he kuch na.