Israeli Flags at South Sudan Independence Celebrations


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Images of Israeli flags at the celebrations of the independence of South Sudan have been widely circulated and commented upon in the Arabic-language media, though they appear to have received no attention in the English-language media. E.g.:

Broadcast by BBC Arabic​

Published online by Al Jazeera on 9 July 2011​

Published online by Rum Online on 9 July 2011​
Cf. "The [Israeli] Foreign Ministry attaches great significance to South Sudan and appointed a special coordinator to deal with the subject several months ago. The ministry has been exchanging secret messages with the government of South Sudan for a long time. In October 2010, the president of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, declared that Israel is not an enemy and that he will weigh diplomatic relations with it, including the opening of an Israeli embassy in the capital, Juba" (Ilan Lior and Barak Ravid, "Israel to Recognize South Sudan as Independent State," Haaretz, 8 July 2011)

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Well credit goes to isreal then.
a tiny country making and breaking one of biggest muslim country ....


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What would you say to the president Omar al bashir that he couldnt

understand the 4th generation warfare, socalled the south and allowed the

creation of a separate state ? Would he be getting all the blame of separation ?

Of course newcons oil lobbiests got success in Sudan, shame for muslim world.


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no surprises..

unfortunately the muslim ummah is SLEEPING!!!!!!!!!!!!! while the enemy is in FULL SWING!


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Well credit goes to isreal then.
a tiny country making and breaking one of biggest muslim country ....

Muslims got pakistan in sub-con. Christians of sudan got their own country. So, what's the fuss about it? Now let's wait and see which sudan will be governed properly, muslim or christian sudan. Or they start fighting again in their own country.


we welcome a christian nation south will be important for stability of sudan!!

They are poor country and they need to have tolerant ideas,religion and peace to prosper !!

Wish them good luck and good relation with the world!!