Israel Stealing American Technologies


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That's not the only thing they are stealing.

Over $2B /month of US tax payers money is funneled to Israel under different covers.

In Connecticut (or PA) there is a hospital that treats Israeli kids free of charge for the strange disease they have. Many many Israeli kids are diagnosed of a strange illness of a virus in their brain that can only be removed through surgery and a hospital in one of the two States has that facility. An Iraqi brother told me who used to be a surgeon in the hospital.

According to Jewish religion, Gentiles and Muslims are supposed to be created to 'serve' them. :(

sarbakaf - Blogger
How can a master steal from its slave?

well infront of every one........americans do know whats happening in afghanistan and iraq..but they do not know what is happening in their own country .

its like information minister who does not know about his own country