Islamabad Tonight - 28th August 2011 - Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Irfan Siddiqui & Safdar Abbasi


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dair aye drust aye . zulifqar mirza theek keh raha hea. mqm dehshat gard jamat hea sub ko patta hea. but sub dartay hen kehnay say


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why every body calls him Rehman malik.It is disrespect to Almighty. Call him by his full name Abdur-Rehman. He ,himself is so ignorant of Islam he could not recite sura Ikhlas correctly. He is working for MI5 and CIA. I think Zulfiqar Mirza is right about him.


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We should stop people like Syed Jamaluddin, an Indian origin Muslim settled in Germany. Recently more than 100 channels have popped up on the internet to spew this against Pakistan. One channal is aired from Germany which is working day and night towards deviding Pakistan. It is heavily funded with millions of dollors. Pakistanis should now unite against this attempt otherwise nothing will be left. One traitor is Syed Jamaluddin, living in Germany, supported by western powers is working day and night against Pakistan with the help of millions of dollors. We should all work together to stop this.