Islamabad Tonight 22nd June 2010 - Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed President AML & Haroon ur Rasheed


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Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed President AML, Ahsan Iqbal PML-N and Haroon Rasheed Analyst in fresh episode o ...



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Haroon Rashid is the best analyst. No one can stop change. This corrupt regime has to change. Imran khan is the new prime minister


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We only hope a soft revolution under the leadership of sincere leader like Imran Khan otherwise surely we are heading towards a leaderless and bloody revolution. Now Nawaz Shareef also predicting a revolution and strangely he is portraying himself as the leader of that revolution. I want to quote a story here:

“Once corrupt and cruel King was reigning a country. Common people were fed up withe the brutalities and injustices of the King and rulling elite. The people decides to confront and started agitating, a civil war errupted , the country was heading towards a revolution. The Advisors of the King alarmed the king of possible massacre of rulling elite alongwith King. The King was very calmed and composed. One day Advisors informed him about a mob approaching the palace and chanting slogans for “Inqilab” and against “King”. The King was still composed, suddenly he left his seat and appear on the terrace to view the scene. He asked the mob of their demands. The mob respond, we want revolution and get rid of rulling elite.

The King agreed to their demand and started chanting slogans for “Inqilab” zindabad, and offer them to lead the “Inqilab”, the crowd also follows.”

The above story is for our current rulling elite including Nawaz Shareef. Who are surely part of the problem but offering to lead a revolution. What a joke.


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We got most dumb leaders at most difficult times in the history of Pakistan.If our political parties care about Pakistan why they do not sit together to develop consensus to pull Pakistan of trouble instead they all waiting for their turn to get the government.


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It is real shame that Asif Ali Zardai is president of Pakistan.People of Pakistan are still unable to digest this painful reality that Zardari is their president.


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It is out of question that PPP will ever try to find people responsible for BB murder.They will never do it because it is going to expose lots of insiders of PPP.I agreed with Sh Rashid that BB murder investigations are over and we never going to find out that who killed her.


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........PPP and Zardari Spent 60 million $ (of Poor Tax payer money) on UN report and now Zardari says that he will not take revenge of BB.......what does it mean?

.......PPP's stupids says that UN report was a fact finding commission.............Facts finding? Facts Findings ka Achaar daalna hay PPP walu nay.

.......Zardari should return this money to Treasury of Pakistan.


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Sir Asif Ali Zardari:
Political actors have no credibility and such elements continue to come and go. The victory of PPP candidates Jamshed Dasti and Asghar Jatt in the recent by-polls shows the political strength of party. When the bugle of war will ring again and Asifa will be carrying the flag, the whole Pakistan will be behind her.


The jamatees, talibans, gunja brigade force and the arrogant people who have in the history caused dis-memberment of Pakistan, ran victimization movement in Karachi and Sind with the connivance of Jamatees to kill innocent 15,000 people in Karachi and sind finally burying some of them in Shakar Pariyan if under tremendous pressure seeing people from Punjab praising MQM. Abey kis kis ka moonh bund karey ga. Tera barey sobey ka ZAEM nikal giyal Teray apnay tunjhay chun chun kar mar rahey hain. Kahan bhagey ga. Bharat pani rok dey ga. Pathan aur Afghan udhar say natka bund kar dain gay. Baluch chun chun kar tujhay mar rahey hain. Ley dey ka sindh rah giya us ki taraf say PAANI kar rasta hai woh bhi ruknay wala hai agar yehi attitude rakha. Hosh kay nakhun lo warna barbadi key elawa kuch nahi bachey ga. Ab tumhara hi aik bunda jo haqeeat dekh raha hai us key lenay key chakkar mein ho. ANA to MQM hi ko hai abhi nahi to later. Wadera shahi, industrialists, CHEENI AUR ATA MAAFIA, Corrupt Police (CHATROL LAGANEY WALEY PUNJAB KI AWAM KO) logon ko do rupey ki rotey denay ka bawajood logon ko khud kushion par majboor kar rahey han. Mulk mein KANGLAI KEY elawa kuch nahi rah giya. Agar koi party tumhay agey ley ja sakti ha to MQM. Tumharey apnay to Jaali degree key paidawar hai. Na taleem, Na honesty, Na sanchai, Na police ka nizam (POLICE KHULEY AAM CHATROL LAGATI HAO TUMHARI AURTO KO RAPE KARTI HAI TUM TAMASHA DEKHTAY HO), KARO KIRI KARNEY WALEY, Ghairat key naam par aurto ko murder karney waley, Ghair ikhlaqi gunaha ka kaam karney wali larkon key saath, BARDA faroshi karney waley, Drug dealers, Afiounchi, heroine istimal karney waley. Sharb penay aur haram karney waley fauji aur beaurocrat, Islam key naam par aqliaton ko aur dosray maslek key logon ko qatal karney waley yeah hai app ka asasa. Kya karo gey yeah asas ley kar. ATOM BOMB phoro key. Kahan phoro gey. Kis key sir par. Apnay sir par. yeat nafrat bund karo. sirf chalees saal pahley tum logon nay hazaro ki tadad mein hinduon key hatho hathiyar dal di aur begharti say hindu aur sikh generals ko gandi latefay sonaney waley. Kya karo gey yeah sab ley kar. Ak tareekh ki sacchi pahli kitam lekho aur saari tareek aur hal ki batain lekho jo tum log apnay logon key saath kar rahey ho wadera and chowdrahat mein. AB MQM hi najat delay gi awam ko. MUNAFEQAT CHORO. iMRAN KHAN KI ZINDAGI DEKHO, KAHAN GUZARTA RAHA HAI AUR KIS KIS KI LI HAI US NAY. US KI APNI AULAD AB GHAIRON MEIN CHALI GAYEE. JO APNI JAIZ AUR NA JAIZ AULAD KO CONTROL NA KAR SAKA WOH AWAM KO KYA CONTROL KAREY GA. US KA SAATH KOI NAHI DENAY WALA. MQM IS PAKISTAN'S FUTURE OTHER WISE TALIBAN (YOUR OWN PEOPLE) WILL COME AND SLAUGHTER YOU ALL AS THEY DID IN SWAT. IT IS JUST THE MATTER OF TIME.