Islamabad Tonight - 21st April 2011 - Ghulam Mustafa Khar, Shahid Haqan Abbasi & Nadeem Afzal - Bhut

M javed

The nation has to see why after 32 years.

I give you an example.

If the same thing happens with Mr. Zardari.

In 2043, PP after making sure that the nation has forgotten what type of a person Mr. Zardari was - will start saying "Mr. Zardari was a prophet of Allah" and the whole nation 32 years before was just 'stupid'.

This is what is happening now.

Otherwise, the elderly people know - Mr. Bhutto broke the country just to become Prime Minister undemocratically. As a matter of fact, he would not have been more than an opposition leader.

Ahmed Raza Qasoori's father is not only the person who was murdered, Mr. Bhuto is responsible for the genocide of thousands of Bengalies who were put to death as a result of the Bhutto's lust for power.

He must have been hanged for thousands of times for breaking the country. He was a traitor of first order.

For first time in history, the Soviet Union tried to conciliate this self-created political chaos by Mr. Bhutto and presented a joint resolution by Soviet Union and Poland in the United Nations, Mr. Bhutto tore off of this resolution on the floor of the Union Nations and did not agree to any type of reconciliation on international level.

He was the first person in the history of nations who wanted two Prime Ministers in a single country and this is PP's democracy.

Faisal Vohra

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I can not beleive that Khar is talking about Pakistan when he was planning to come on Indian Tanks, he asked help from India