Islamabad Tonight 17th May 2010 - Gen. (R) Ali Jan Orakzai


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Islamabad Tonight 17th May 2010
Gen. (R) Ali Jan Orakzai in fresh episode of Islamabad Tonight & discusses current issue with Nadeem Malik.



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After watching this video my eyes burst into tears !
Let us have something to think about who is planning such wars to weaken the Islamic countries ( Muslaim Ummah ) ?

In egypt in between ( Akhwan-ul-muslamien ) and the government ?
In Algaziar the fiss party of ( Alhaj Al-madani ) won the demoricatal election but got colision ( war ) with the government forces ?
Iraq and Iran 8 years war ?
Iraq and Kuwait war ?
Occupation of Iraq ?
Now who made this plan for our country and our forcies collided with our own people and have weaken us so heavely ?

Is it not the time to change the policies against those who are hounting , humiliating and destroying ?
I personally think the history has very good memory, we should learn the lesson from the history ?
May Allah forgive us that the devil and his diciple is up till now did anihailation, distruction of the world specially Islamic world and Ummah.


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NM asking three killers who killed innocent civilians in Karachi. Answer is simple….MQM, ANP and PPP..This is how they serve the people.


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Baba Haider Zaman reply was too dificult for MQM to respond…Baba said they were not a party in Karachi killings..end of the story..its mqm, competing with PPP and anp for bigger share in Karachi politics. MQM was so clever in its planned move of shifting the blame on Hazara so that riots would start in the heart of Pakhtun belt between ethnic Pakhtuns and people of Hazara (Majority of them also Pakhtun)….leaving Karachi for MQM.
Baba a simple man said it is responsibility of the government to ensure life and property of citizensn was safe and that government (Sindh) MQM-PPP-ANP they do not seem to be in any hurry for peace.
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