Islamabad Tonight - 12th August 2013 - Talat Hussain on India Pakistan tension - کنٹرول لائن کشیدگی


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India will never be happy, no matter what. They are in false superiority complex. Be realistic: Be firm and diplomat; not "khushamdi and street talk of love" presented by Nawaz in an interview. Tell India bluntly that relations have to be on equal grounds as Pakistan does NOT need India because:

1. Pakistan is self sufficient in food and agriculture.
2. Technology is available worldwide not from India.
3. Education can sourced from USA, EU, China. and Japan.
4. Strong Pak Army with nuclear for defense and deter.
5. Strong reality is that India simply can not vanish Pakistan, she has to live with it.

Tell India "GO TO HELL". Pakistan can survive without India. Relations have to be on equal grounds. NS & PML-N do not have intellectual sense. They utter dialogue spoken in films not in international diplomatic circles..



Minister (2k+ posts)
in haramiiiiiiii indians ko jote lagao to apni uqat per aa jain ge, why we have to be apologised ?


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
Yaar Indian lovers are saying why are you hating India for their war mongering and killing of soldiers (bigsmile) ..They love bollywood movies so much and tout equals so much that they are willing to forgoe the Half million shuhadah who gave their lives for Pakistan.

Infact they have gone so far in their love that they even like immitating them

Farooq Khan

MPA (400+ posts)
Pakistan can not afford nawazardari kind of leadership both have no idea about the nature of our relationship with india many people on this forum say rightly Pakistan should build a strong leadership starting from grass root level and we must convey our message through diplomatic means tell them where is red line and relation will improve only when india stop to be a bigot.
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