Islamabad standoff: Govt changes 9 city SPs


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Terming the Muhammad Sikander episode a security lapse, the government has changed nine of the 16 superintendents of police (SPs) of Islamabad on Monday, Express News reported.

On August 15, Sikander had shut down the heart of the heavily guarded capital for five hours in a standoff that ended with him being shot and wounded.

Waving two semi-automatic guns and occasionally firing into the air, Sikander was accompanied by his wife and children throughout the tense drama that took place close to Islamabads political quarter.

An unofficial report released by the inquiry committee about the incident pointed out major failures in the communication mechanisms of the security forces.

The findings of the committee stated that security forces and the police had been unsuccessful in preparing a well-planned strategy to deal with the situation, adding that the incident had been prolonged unnecessarily.


Ha ha a confused response. Didn't the Interior Minister say that he had purposely delayed the operation ? Security is only responsible for not being able to stop this man from entering the capital with weapons. The rest is a complete failure of the Interior Minister to handle the situation.


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اسلام آباد واقعے کے بعد اسلام آباد پولیس


Peer gony

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Re: اسلام آباد واقعے کے بعد اسلام آباد پولیس ک

Yes yahi too in ka kam hay darpok
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