Islamabad Se - 13th July 2015 - Roshniyon Ke Shaher Me K-Electric Ki Andher Nagri..

M javed

Why MQM got murdered k-electric Chairman: Shahid Hamid by Solat Mirza

One can easily understand - the answer is very clear: " to run k-electric as MQM wanted to run the electricity matters in Karachi".

The MQM motive was (1) to create public unrest in Karachi through frequent and longer break downs (2) to become a shareholder in the looted money and (3) ultimately shift the blame to k-electric.

The MQM is very vocal in disrupting the peace of Karachi and criminally dumb in what they are always intriguing against the country.

They are partners in crime with Peoples Party and both are equally responsible for it.

The fact is quite discernable one (the MQM) is managing and arranging lawlessness, hooliganism, bloodshed of innocent lives while the other (Peoples Party) is looting the province of Sindh and particularly Karachi by unbound corruption.

Objectives and direction of both are the same ie. throw karachi into chaos and use the situation for political motives of these two.