ISI sought huge data collection tools


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The new allegation against Pakistan is eavesdropping on the world via internet . We leave it to those accused to answer but from Maulana Muhammad Azad mission to central Asia , to Budabher outpost for keeping eye on USSR or our Baluchistan outpost to monitor Iran , we are good in eavesdropping .

We like to bug our presidents . Prime ministers , army men , everyone even our guests . what we do with information no body knows , whether it is sold or used . I doubt we have people so brainy in top places to use it . Agencies use it themselves it seems .


ISI sought huge data collection tools


ISLAMABAD: Pakistani intelligence sought to tap worldwide Internet traffic via underwater cables that would have given the country a digital espionage capacity to rival the US, according to a report by Privacy International.

The report says the country’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) agency hired intermediary companies to acquire domestic spying toolkits from Western and Chinese firms for domestic surveillance.It also claims the ISI sought access to tap data from three of the four “landing sites” that pass through the country’s port city of Karachi, effectively giving it access to Internet traffic worldwide.

Pakistan was in talks with a European company in 2013 to acquire the technology but it is not clear whether the deal went through — a fact the rights organization said was troubling.“These cables are going to route data through various countries and regions,” Matthew Rice, an advocacy officer for Privacy International, told AFP.

“Some will go from Europe to Africa and all the way to Southeast Asia. From my reading that’s an explicit attempt to look at what’s going on.” Traffic from North America and regional rival India would also be routed via the cables, he said.

The report, based on what it called previously unpublished confidential documents, said the data collection sought in the ISI’s proposal “would rival some of the world’s most powerful surveillance programs” including those of the United States and Britain.

A spokesman for Pakistan’s military said he was not able to comment on the issue at the present time.
Last month Pakistani rights campaigners and opposition lawmakers urged Islamabad to protect the privacy of its citizens after leaked top-secret documents appeared to show British intelligence had gained access to almost all the country’s Internet users.

Pakistan is also in the process of debating its own cyber-crime bill, which rights campaigners say threatens to curtail freedom of expression and privacy in its current form.Rights groups also expressed concern over a provision that allows the government to share intelligence with foreign spy agencies, such as the American National Security Agency, and the mandating of service providers to retain telephone and e-mail records for up to a year.

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SURE GRAB all the tools to oppress the rising voices against army excesses commited in DHA AND ASKARI BANKS,
censor whatever they dont like! waste tax payer money to spy on own fellow countryman

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پاکستان میں یہ سوال ھمیشہ اُٹھتا رھا ھے کہ ریاست کو اپنے پڑوس میں ایک بد طینت ھمساےؑ کی مسلسل تباہ کن پالیسیوں کے جواب میں اندرونِ ملک شہریوں پر کس حد تک نظر رکھنی چاھیے اور کون سی قدغنیں لگانا قرینِ انصاف ھوگا، حقوقِ انسانی کی افلاطونی عیاشیوں میں مست لوگ ریاست کو اپنے وجود کو لاحق خطرات کو نظرانداز کرنے اور شہریوں کی آزادی کو مادر پدر آزاد لیول پررکھنے پر آمادہ کرنے کی کوشش میں لگے رھتے ھیں

اللہ پاک کا شکر کہ امریکہ میں عظیم دہشت گردی کی واردات نے ان اقدامات کی ضرورت اور افادیت کو صراحت سے واضح کر دیا جو ایک خطرات میں گھری ریاست کو اٹھانے چاھیؑیں اور یہ بھی واضح ھو گیا کہ جب ملک کو خطرہ ھو تو شہری آزادیاں بے معنی ھو جاتی ھیں، آج کا امریکہ شہری آزادیوں کو محدود کرتے کرتے میکارتھی ازم کے جنونی دور کو پیچھے چھوڑ گیا ھے

پاکستان کو بھی اس سے سبق لیتے ھوےؑ اقدامات کی ضرورت ھے،اس امر کی بھی ضرورت ھے کہ ایک موثر عدالتی ڈھانچہ موجود رھے جو بدقماش حکمرانوں کو ایسے قوانین کے اپنے سیاسی مخالفین کے خلاف غلط استعمال پر روک لگا سکے


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SURE GRAB all the tools to oppress the rising voices against army excesses commited in DHA AND ASKARI BANKS,
censor whatever they dont like! waste tax payer money to spy on own fellow countryman

Dont worry you are a rising voice against the occupying army from samandar paar