ISI and Sindh Ranger's senior officials calling MQM parliamentarians to join MK group or face conseq


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Everybody, even haters knows what the establishment is doing to mqm but never mind, as usual they will bite the dust


الطاف بھی آپ کو بھی تو بھارتی اسٹیبلشمنٹ پال پوس رہی ہے . کبھی اس بارے بھی بولو.


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What about Punjabi army, Punjabi establishment........ and what about Sindh Rangers...! Were they not Punjabi Rangers...?

Rozi roti tu sahi chal rahi hai na....;)


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ISI & Sindh Ranger Officials Calling MQM MNAs & MPAs To Join MK Group Or Face Consequences Says - Altaf Hussain