Is Hip-Hop the Industry of the Devil?


Minister (2k+ posts)
I have no doubt that music is one of satanic things around ... no wonder Nabi Pak(SAW) mentioned it in the signs of judgement day being close enough.


Prime Minister (20k+ posts)
Hip Hop and Hollywood are among the most lethal tools in the hands of Zionists to generate a wayward generation which is an easy prey for them.


Chief Minister (5k+ posts)
All this Hip Hop and Rap Music is indeed the work of the devil through which the artists spread their satanic message. The lyrics of such songs often contain vulgar language, swear words and also encourage listeners to be abusive to their family, friends and parents. They tell people that it's good to steal and beat up the elderly like the brother in the video says!

"The artist formerly called Prince" has the word SLAVE printed on his face because the whole industry is based on money and debt, constant threats to produce better Music at any cost is also the norm.

It's also a form of American imperialism with the purpis being to spread American culture into other countries by making it look and sound "cool". We see how other cultures including that from the entire subcontinent especially India with it's Bollywood have been greatly effected by the onslaught of this Rap and Hip Hop invasion where youngsters have become aliens unable to speak or understand Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi!!

Us Pakistanis must never lose our identity or we'll lose Pakistan too!