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Iqbal in Musjid e Qurtaba:




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Below is an excerpt from Iqbal's poem Masjid-e-Qurtaba (مسجد قرطبہ) written in the Mosque of Cordoba

Aab-E-Rawan-E-Kabeer ! Tere Kinare Koi
Dekh Raha Hai Kisi Aur Zamane Ka Khawab

O, the ever‐flowing waters of Guadalquivir (1, see reference at end),

Someone on your banks is seeing a vision of some other period of time.

Alam-E-Nau Hai Abhi Parda’ay Taqdeer Mein
Meri Nigahon Mein Hai Iss Ki Sehar Behijab

Tomorrow is still in the curtain of intention,
But its dawn is flashing before my mind’s eye.

Parda Utha Doon Agar Chehra’ay Afkar Se
La Na Sake Ga Farang Meri Nawa’on Ki Taab

Were I to lift the veil from the profile of my reflections,
The West would be dazzled by its brilliance.

Jis Mein Na Ho Inqilab, Mout Hai Woh Zindagi
Rooh-E-Ummam Ki Hayat Kashmakash-E-Inqilab

Life without change is death.
The tumult and turmoil of revolution, Keep the soul of a nation alive.

Soorat-E-Shamsheer Hai Dast-E-Qaza Mein Woh Qaum
Karti Hai Jo Har Zaman Apne Amal Ka Hisaab

Keen, as a sword in the hands of Destiny
Is the nation that evaluates its actions at each step.

Naqsh Hain Sub Na-Tamam Khoon-E-Jigar Ke Begair
Naghma Hai Soda’ay Kham Khoon-E-Jigar Ke Begair

Incomplete are all creations without the lifeblood of the creator.
Soulless is the melody without the lifeblood of the maestro.

Wada-Al-Kabeer, Qurtuba Ka Mashoor Darya Jis Ke Qareeb Hi Masjid-E-Qurtaba Waqiya Hai
(1) Guadalquivir—“The well‐known river of Cordoba, near which the Mosque is located.”
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The power of Urdu poetry is so strong that even a novice is attracted to it! This is another gift from Allah to the believers.