Interview of 23 times stabbing victim Khadija Siddiqi and Barrister Hassan Niazi with Maria Memon


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Interview of Khadija Siddiqi and her lawyer Hassan Niazi in 'Sawal Ye Hai' by Maria Memon - 14 July 2017 [ENGLISH SUBTITLES ADDED]

Khadija Siddiqi, law student who was stabbed 23 times by son of influential lawyer Shah Hussain, son of Advocate Sayed Tanvir Hashmi on 3rd May 2016. She is still fighting for justice till this date and her attacker is still roaming free, endangering lives of many citizens.


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Re: Interview of 23 times stab victim Khadija Siddiqi and her Lawyer Hassan Niazi in 'Sawal Ye Hai' by Maria Memon - 14 July 2017

welcome to the wild world of Pakistan ... these elite corrupt mafia is very powerful and they will either buy justice or delay it indefinitely .... I hope this filth of the earth and his defenders are put behind bars for life and rot in hell forever.


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Shiyed Dozah aisay he logon k liya banaie hay Allah Pak nay. Isi liya Farmaiey hay Allah pak nay main Haqooq Ul Ibaad Maaf nahi karon ga.