Insight 20th September 2014 - Dharna Syasat Kya Rang Layegi..??


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These people do not address common man's problem. Pakistan needs modern democracy's and authoritarian system's common elements; in the USA, Africa, China, EU, & Asia. Pakistan will survive well by doing the following three things:

1. President's direct elections with 51% vote of all people and technocrats' non elected ministers.
2. Each division be a province with elected governor replacing commissioners. Responsible of Education & Economic Development.
3. Powerful Mayor at Tehsil level. Responsible of Security, Basic Services, Economy, and Social institutions.

MNA & MPA be limited to lawmaking. No CMs. Money saved from these provincial ministries will develop economy very fast. Same decentralization will take place in Judicial branch. Local Armed Forces will help develop local infrastructure by PDF like China Model. Things have been complicated by politicians.