Insession - 29th May 2011 - Air Marshal Shahid Latif & Ad Taveer - Attack On Mehran Base--- Danger


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Re: Insession - 29th May 2011 - Air Marshal Shahid Latif & Ad Taveer - Attack On Mehran Base--- Danger From Inside Or Outsid

Thanks Asma good discussion. first i like to empasize people's opinion that we all love our armed forces and intelligence agencies but at the same time ,we like them to tell the nation truth ,nothing else but the truth because there are many many stories about wrong doings in their institutions and people dont know anything unless some major disaster happen.In india also,they have culprits in their armed forces but once they catch them,they bring them in the front and court martial them but the irony is ,we dont have the anti-terrorist courts and no one is ever charged and punished by their defence comittee .what kind of stupid and idiot people in the concerned authority who dont give a damn to their country.These are the people who should be kicked out who dont have the knowledge or dont want to do anything for the country.Action should have been taken right away on may 2nd and 20th but no one cares.Still nothing happens , no inquiry commission yet ,who is running the country is responsible for that.There are people inside and outside involved and everyone is sleeping on their jobs like nothing happen.These are the people who deserved to be hanged in open? Begharet ? where is the defense committe ?where are the chiefs of army ,navy and air force ? they are dead or alive? where is Defense Minister ?where is "Home Minister" and The joint chief of staff?why these two dont want the interogation of these two incidents? something wrong somewhere ?wake up before people wake you guys up. Bunch of crabs working on the wrong jobs ? people's and my heart bleeding and they dont want any action on these incidents. Is pak establishment trying to act like Iraq's who was sold to US ? Think about it, if i am right or wrong ? After musharraf, I will blame this civilian govt 100% for all the wrong doing and devastation in the country .
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