Insession - 16th July 2011- Yaseen Malik & Mushahid Hussain - Promotion of Kashmir Cause by Pak Govt


killer of kashmir pandits who are real inhabitants of kashmir!!

Those who used communalism to chant azadi and spreak disharmony would never be successful!!

India remains strong and puppy like malik is no harm to indian union!!he is lucky to be alive after killing 100-200 people !!his org was terrorist and had killed 1000 innocent people and 400 indian army jawan!!

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jab bi tv per mushahid hussain ko dekhta hoon to bara GUSA ata hai doobara hakumat main janay ka yai admi hai kahaita tha hakumat walay luto tay fhoto kaisa admi hai kaun itni gharmi main ja kar in kay liyeh wote dey ga bahatar hai ghar main rahO


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mushahis hussain is a disgraceful character,,,,,,,,,,, i liked him very much but he is sold out idiot,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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yes mushahid hussain is true we need more programmes like that. I think this is the best time that pakistan can pressurise international community on this issue. And we need more collaboration from indian Occupied Kasmir's leadership to come forward like Yaseen Malik (and ofcourse from AJK). My indian friend says malik was involved in killing of innocent people in kashmir, I'm sure he was not and secondly wat about hundreds of thousands of people killed by indian army in kashmir?
Get your army out of kashmir there won't be any killing!!
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