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TBN and the Political Zionists Who Run It

By Kristen Scott

Al-Jazeerah,, March 22, 2010

During a recent scan of worthless television channels, I stopped by to see my old friends at TBN, Trinity Broadcasting Network. While living in Brentwood, Tennessee for a short time I would frequent the TBN headquarters in Hendersonville, Tennessee. What I saw at TBN changed my spiritual perceptions dramatically. While scanning the large crowds waiting to see the latest "super evangelist", I began to notice the economic classes of these people. Most were common working class and some poorer, impoverished Americans. These people would wait in line while the superegos of TBN namely, Laverne Trip, his wife Edith Trip, founder Jan Crouch, her daughter in law, and son Matt crouch, would arrive at the ex-Conway Twitty mansion in furs, Armani styles, and in a black stretch limousine.

After entering the massively over- decorated gaudy spectacle of an auditorium, all of the manipulation would begin. All of the hoopla of music, dancing, and praising the lord would spin into the offering. I myself have heard founder Paul Crouch ask for social security checks from widows. These practices have gone on for a century, but to see such a horrific display of manipulation and brainwashing is disgusting. What is more disgusting is how most of the speakers ( I wont even call them evangelist), are in the political pockets of Israel. These "evangelists" are demonizing and spouting such hate against Muslims and other religions such as Hindus, Buddhists, etc. that it is tyrannical. Benny Hinn is one such evangelist who is completely in the Zionist pockets, his own brother quite his ministry due to allegations of fraud, and I believe the worst of the lot, John Hagee. John Hagee is a overweight hate monger who should be prosecuted for hate crimes. All of these evangelistic pretenders, panderers to Zionists are feeding the religious right with brainwashing propaganda. It is a sad day in my America to see a woman such as Sarah Palin representing the female race, tsk, tsk,tsk. It is even sadder to see women following her unintelligent mumbo jumbo, unintelligent and pretentious coquettish act. Palin is very rich, has praised her daughter for having a child out of wedlock, and yet has the nerve to say she is a God fearing, right-wing, Christian. And what's worse, these evangelists and their talk show friends embrace Palin and praise her, while telling others what she does is a sin! Ah, once again, they all worship the fabled "golden calf."

Where are the women leaders such as we had in the 70s? Where are their voices? Have they all been eclipsed by stupidity and pride in sounding dumb? And, what role does the media play in foisting someone like Sarah Palin on the public? What role do these "evil- vangelists" play in this melodrama/farce that mesmerizes thousands each Sunday?

I would love to see a preacher stand up and call these evil- vanglists what they are!
I would love to see one, just one, take a whip through the temple and overturn these slot machines they call offering plates.

I would love to see more Jimmy Carters rise out of the political arena into the moral arena and call these men and women out who are blaspheming Jesus words of love and anti-hate. These Christians who love bloodbaths and are so easily swayed by leaders who say they are right-wing Christians, as they call for war, especially since none of them have ever been in combat in a war zone. The last time I checked, it is what you do not what you say, that shows your true worth. But these evil-vangelists lie, cheat and steal; they fill the hearts of those in need with falsehoods, with words that would upset Jesus, and tarnish the true words of God.

As someone who went to seminary as a young lady and has studied theology for several years, I am now disgusted with this "pseudo Christianity being preached by these charlatans. I support an end to this bloodbath for oil and an end to the demonization of peaceful people all over the world. I support religion as a way of showing kindness Jesus religion, not this hateful Las Vegas show that still glimmers and flashes constantly with send your love offering if you want to get to heaven.