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(cry)India's Spies, Media and Mindset (cry)

India is a developing country and has the right to promote its legitimate interests through legal means. But India, illegally occupying neighboring Jammu Kashmir deliberately also acts illegal in order to court US shield.

However, many Indians, like I earlier used to, naively think that India, like USA, UK and Israel, is an innocent nation helping every nation and every one every where - democratically, and only Pakistan is a trouble shooter for poor "innocent" India....etc... they do not possibly know what sort of material India is made of. They also think India survives thanks to US support, another "innocent" terror victim and refuse to acknowledge the truth that USA-UK terror twins are greatest threat to human civilization. .

That is indeed the terrific effect of Indian media magic along with Hindu dominated socialization plus political processes in India through well-knit networkings.

Indian spies are spread across the globe on every big street of world nations and have percolated every medium to promote Hinduism and Indian interests and comfortably settled down to negatively influence the polices of t many a state, especially USA, Russia, UK and the rest of the west and east. Indian corporate world and their media have shielded all state crimes committed by India in doors and outside the nations, especially in brutally occupied Jammu Kashmir. .

Indians are extra fanatic people with terror instinct. And Indian spies are some of the most ferocious ones, comparable only with Israeli Mossad, American CIA/FBI and British SAS, etc.

Pretense of innocence is handy for India to silence Indian Muslims by cleverly employing the "Pakistani threat" gimmick. Indian media fanaticism has assisted the Indian -corporate-military regime to kill about 100,000 innocent Muslims in occupied Jammu Kashmir alone, so far .

A greedy Hindu state, India is an associate ally of Israel, USA, UK and all anti-Islamic nations in the world, procuring their terror goods as a very hungry terrorist state.

Due to very skillful manoeuvrings, India is now a trusted ally of western terrocracies, a member of the notorious UNSC actively supporting NATO terrorism for appeasing all big powers to support in turn its immoral goals of occupying, alongside Jammu Kashmir, the UNSC as a permanent entity so as to continue with its illegal occupation of JK. .

India is a top terror ally of NATO terror syndicate in Afghanistan to reduce Muslim populations in the region and support NATO madness of notorious UNSC and NATO fascists.

Terrorism ploys have come to India from USA as a Hindu boon and helped India in a very big, unprecedented way both on domestic and foreign fronts; India regime and media made the maximum use of terrorism to silence and terrorize Muslims in India and Kashmir so much that Muslims are now mere vote-bank resources and semi-slaves obeying their Hindu masters as god-sent lords..

It is state terrorism - and not democracy- that brought India closer to western terrocracies and Indian planned attack on Parliament, in a way as to officially sympathize in action with Sept-11 drama of USA, clicked well with Indian agenda to advance its interests in USA/West, especially on nuclear transfer and Pakistan ouster.

India does not want to leave terror planks so long as they continue to offer enough "lifts" and favors from both USA and Russia and keeps Pakistan under ruins, supported by core Indo-Pakistani media. Now the USA (Madam Clinton) has announced India as its prime agent in Asia to promote its anti-China goals.

Indians cheat fellow Muslims both at governmental and non-governmental levels and they do not let even those few Muslims who have some position in India to help Muslims. Muslims are under constant surveillance and control.

India expects Muslims to hate and insult Muslims in the country and abroad, especially in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Officially India wants to make every Pakistani and Bangladeshi also pro-India, but it also uses the media outlets to generate hate politics against them.

India officially promotes Hindus and Hinduism abroad but also use Muslims to advance Indian economic objectives but refuses to give the due credit to them.

To my surprise I see there are many Indian agents roaming about freely in this forum also attacking those who write anything truthful about India exposing its fickle mindset. They just don't allow any criticism of India in Indian forums/media. Indians call anyone who tries to tell truth about Pakistan are called "Paki" and insulted the worst possible Hindutva ways. .

The way USA goes out of way in promoting Indian illegal interests in Kashmir even by arresting those US Kashmiris is extra criminal and it only exposes Indian crude anti-Kashmiri mindset. If one tell all this on the face of any Indian, including those who enjoy life abroad as agents, they would be deadly upset and use filthy language to outsmart you. That is the status of current Indian mindset.

This Pakistani Forums like "India/International" is really interesting as it is also unique in the world . There is no such forum in India called Pakistan/International news. It is impossible in Indian democracy, because Indians are "innocent" people! Indians would have only "India/great-India/greatest-India" forums and nothing more. Indian fanaticism and is also unique.

Indian regime, their foreign missions like embassies, organizations, Indian media work in complete coordination to stop any opinion that directly or indirectly goes against the positive image of India created by Indian media and spies for decades of strenuous efforts. Not only Indian media refuse to publish any word against aspiring India but they and the regime agencies spies shamelessly contact foreign governments and concerned newspapers and media to stop publishing such anti-India messages.

I understand similar tactics have been employed by this great Indian democracy against my views published in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mideast and upper West by coercing them not to give opportunity to Indians to vent their frustrations and any criticism of corporate controlled Indian fanatic governance. However, Almighty willing, I continue my duty without being any threat to "professional" journalists especially in Pakistan, Bangladesh and elsewhere- west and east, who glorify global state terrorism for cheap few coins. World has a right to know the truth... After all, I do not take away their place any where but have only indirectly helped them, in a small measure, to comprehend the impact of anti-Islamic conspiracies which began with CIA's Sept-11 operations. I keep writing against India's wish, because world has a right to know the truth...

Indian strenuous efforts to make non-Hindus of the world - not just Indians- also pro-India especially in Pakistan, Mideast and Bangladesh have yielded ugly looking good crops and both Pakistani and Bangladeshi media promote Hindu interests willingly to gain some thing from somewhere- not for nothing of course!.

India has just one policy- the Indian state policy which all Indians and media must abide by without any questions. Obviously for specific terror reasons, India does not want to change its rotten anti-Muslim policies followed since 1947 and does not allow any criticism of them either. That is the real calamity of Indian mindset and the cause of worry of people in the region.

د. عبد راف
Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Columnist-Analyst;Chronicler of Foreign occupations& Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc);Former university Teacher;
Global media today, even in Muslim nations, are controlled by anti-Islamic agencies.Terrorism is caused by anti-Islamic forces. Fake democracies like USA and India have zero-tolerance to any criticism of their anti-Muslim and other aggressive practices.Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism".Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they in disguise are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims. /

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mujhe tou kuch indians superiority complex ka shikar lagtay hain :P wese i think they are the nearest thing to a jew

p.s. it is only a matter of time they are going to swarm this thread too


I am sure all Pakistanis understood except for dumb Indians.

I some times call Indians a Brown Jew

We will take it as a complement !!I hope you people stop treating jews as pigs and apes [hilar][hilar]

Finally ruff is happy that some people commented on his maniac infected articles!!

But author is maniac!!he forgets that hinduism is the oldest religion which has allowed people from all other religions to come to india.

if hindus were intolerant ,india would be a hindu country..Fact is that there is only 1 religion in this world which breed hatred against other religion and in that religion only :no minority % can grow!!!they are persecuted,converted,abducted !!they believe in quantity but majority of followers are extremists stuck up in 7th century caves following a man made religion that too plagiarized :) We all know it !!lol...................


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muslims in HINDUstan (the correct name of this fascist, imperial entity) are treated like 3rd class sub-humans in their own country, it is a means of collective punishment by the hindu MAJORITY AGAINST THE POWERLESS MUSLIM MINORITY


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India is seen openly courting both USA and UK and other big powers for advancement of its illegal UNSC-nuclear interests.