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Asaram sent to 14 day judicial custody; godman lying about neuro disease, say police

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Asaram Bapu, accused of sexually assaulting a minor girl, being produced at court in Jodhpur on Monday - PTI

Jodhpur: Self-styled godman Asaram Bapu, accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl at his ashram here, was put behind bars on Monday after he was remanded in 14-day judicial custody by a local court.

Wearing a white dhoti and kurta and a red skull cap, the controversial 72-year-old Asaram was produced amid tight security before the district and sessions court where the magistrate Manoj Kumar ordered to send him to judicial custody till September 15. The counsel for Asaram, meanwhile, moved an application for bail and hearing on the plea is expected on Tuesday.

Asaram was brought to the court in a police bus escorted by a police vehicle. He was remanded in one-day police custody on Sunday after being grilled for four hours. The religious preacher remained in the court for about 15 minutes before he was taken to Central Jail of Jodhpur near Mohanpura bridge in a convoy of police vehicles after the court order. He was lodged in Barrack No.1. Later in the day, protesters of the godman assembled outside the jail and police had to resort to lathicharge, TV reports said.

During the hearing, defence counsel pleaded that proper medical attention and care be given for Asaram in the Jail. To this, the prosecution assured the court that all required assistance will be given. Police said it did not seek extension of police remand as their course of initial investigation and questioning was over.

"Our investigation was complete so we did not seek for extension of the police custody. The accused has cooperated with us," DCP Ajay Lamba told reporters after the hearing. "Our case is very strong and we have vital evidences against the accused. We are moving in the right direction. We will file chargesheet in the case soon,” he added. After the hearing, some people who had gathered outside the court shouted slogans welcoming its order.

Asaram was arrested amid high drama on the intervening night of Saturday-Sunday in Indore and was brought here on Sunday for interrogation. Asked about reports that Asaram was suffering from a neurological disorder, the DCP said, "It has been proved to be a lie. His son can say what he wants to say. We can't comment on anybody's statement". "A team of doctors said he is perfectly OK. He is mentally and physically fit," Lamba said, adding the accused is also taking food whenever served.

Asaram had on Sunday cleared a potency test conducted on him at the SN Medical college here. He was also taken to his Manai Ashram, about 30 km from Jodhpur, where the girl was allegedly sexually assaulted. Police had conducted a physical verification and tried to recreate the scene of crime.

Asaram's arrest followed an FIR filed by the girl alleging she was sexually assaulted by him at his ashram. He has denied the charges.
Meanwhile, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that police had done their work impartially in the case. "Police have done their work, now the matter is with the judiciary. "I have been saying from the beginning that there is no interference from anyone in the investigation and that the guilty should be punished," Gehlot told reporters on the sidelines of a function here.


More than their self-claimed special powers, new-age godmen are known for controversies surrounding them. From murders to sex tapes, they are embroiled in many criminal cases. Here are few of those infamous godmen.

On August 27, 2013 since morning, the Jodhpur police were waiting at the doors of self-styled godman Asaram Bapu, accused of sexual abusing a minor girl, to arrest him. First, Asaram refused to accept summons and now, he has said that the police can see him only after his meditation session is over. How long is the session, none knows.

On August 27, 2013 since morning, the Jodhpur police were waiting at the doors of self-styled godman Asaram Bapu, accused of sexual abusing a minor girl, to arrest him. First, Asaram refused to accept summons and now, he has said that the police can see him only after his meditation session is over. How long is the session, none knows.​

In 2008, bodies of 2 children were found on the Sabarmati riverbed after they went missing. They were studying at Asaram Bapu’s Gurukul at Motera. CBI filed a complaint of culpable homicide and booked 7 sadhaks of the ashram.

While the whole nation erupted in anger last year after a girl was gang-raped on a moving bus in New Delhi on Dec 29, 2012, Asaram landed himself in trouble for his 'ridiculous' statement that the girl could have saved herself if she had addressed her attackers as "brothers" and chanted "Saraswati Mantra

In 2001, Asaram hit headlines after his Yog Vedanta Samiti, which had permission for satsang for 11 days in Ratlam in Madhya Paresh, failed to vacate the premises after the satsang, and continued to occupy a total of 100 acres of land, valued at over Rs 700 crore.

Swami Nithyananda, also known as Paramahamsa Nithyananda, was arrested in 2010 after a video showing him with a woman in compromising position was aired on TV. He was released after 50 days.

In June 2012, Arathi Rao, an Indian born American citizen, filed a police complaint and also went on Indian television accusing Nithyananda of raping her for several years between 2005 and 2009. But Nithyananda denied the allegation.

In 1993, the body of Sister Abhaya was flushed out from a well at St Pious X Convent, Kottayam, in Kerala. After six years the CBI closed the case for lack of evidence. But church critics said she was murdered as she refused sexual advances of a priest or a bishop.

Chandraswami, born as Nemi Chand Jain, is a controversial godman, who was repeatedly accused of financial irregularities. In 1996 he was arrested on charges of defrauding a London-based businessman of $100,000. He has faced charges for repeated violation of the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act.

Chandraswami is said to have dispensed sprititual advice to the Sultan of Brunei, Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa of Bahrain, actress Elizabeth Taylor, British PM Margaret Thatcher (in pic) and businessmen Adnan Khashoggi and 'Tiny' Rowland.

In 2005, the Supreme Court accorded Swami Premananda a double life sentence for 13 rapes and a murder in his ashram in Tiruchi. Premananda, who had moved to India from Jaffna in 1984, claimed to have discovered his spiritial powers at 18.

Swami Sadachari, once spiritual advisor of former PM Indira Gandhi, was arrested for running a brothel.

Swami Gnyanachaitanya in Kottakal, Kerala, was arrested in 2005 and was out on bail. Born as P M Sudhakaran, the swami was convicted for three murders.

In 2005, Swami Shraddananda was convicted for the sensational murder of his wife Begum Shakira Namazi alias Shakira Khalili. He had allegedly killed Shakira, former wife of a diplomat, Akbar Khalili, and buried her body in a corner of her palatial bungalow on Richmond Road in Bangalore on April 28, 1991.

Whenever asked her daughters about the whereabouts of his wife, Swami Shraddananda would say that she had gone abroad and would be back. But one of Shakira's daughters from her former marriage, suspected foul play, lodged a police complaint and the whole truth emerged after years.

In 2009, Dr Sister Jesme released her autobiography exposing the illegal practices in churches in Kerala. In 'Amen — an autobiography of a nun', she writes how priests force nuns to have relations with them and about rampant homosexuality among nuns.

In 2011, a Madrasa teacher in Chennai was arrested on charges of ‘immoral sex’ after it was revealed that he had sodomised his 11-year-old student, who had enrolled to learn Arabic and the Koran.

Mystic guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh had many aliases-- Chandra Mohan Jain, Acharya Rajneesh, Osho. His advocacy of a more-open sexuality earned him the sobriquet of "sex guru", but his preachings weren't fully accepted in the conservative Indian society. He relocated to the US where he had huge fan following. (Photo courtesy:

His followers established Rajneeshpuram in Oregon in 1981, but the Oregon commune collapsed in 1985 when he revealed that the commune leadership had planned a bioterror attack on The Dalles. He was arrested on charges of immigration violations. After 21 countries denied him entry, he returned to Puna in Maharashtra, where he died in 1990.​

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Pakistan kaa foozla diesel larkion saay door rehta hai kyonkeh yeh double sided GAY hai :P:P


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Hope this self styled God man is given proper punishment. He has strong political BJP connections so will probably escape very easily.


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While there are few bad self styled Godmen, nevertheless India is a land of many other truly great spiritual gurus cutting across religion.