India VS Pakistan Semi-final was Fixed [With All Proof]


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This screen Shot shared with us by my friend (Blogger) . Click on the image to Zoom In. You can find status update of one of the indian citizen on his facebook profile via blackberry at 2:51 pm Indian time and 10:51 am GMT or BST (British Standard Time) on 30th march 2011. Please note time on screen shot is 10:51 am that is British standard time and semi final match was started on 30th March 2011 at 10:00 am BST. This indian citizen stating that he got update from one of his close bookie friend who said
India will bat first score over 260, 3 wickets fall within the first 15 overs, pak will cruise to 100, then lose 2 quick wickets, at 150 they will be 5 down and crumble and lose by a margin of over 20 runs.”
You can read his friends comments as well.



Screen Shot on Scribd :
Name of this Indian citizen is Kalpit Babel
Here is the link to this status update: Click Here
Look at the time carefully....this is now removed from face book.:13:

What's ur opinion ??
Credit goes to Paksource and Expresspakistan
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All was fixed ............... Fixed by Gilani and Manmohan ......................... thats why Indian PM invited Gilani and he might have get a lot to fix this match and say Pakistani Team that you do not have to win the game .............. Sub topi drama


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[hilar]ab ye na keh dena k ISI,,FBI,,Raw and CIA sab milay howay thay [hilar]waisya pakistanu team aisi team hay,jeet jaye phir b ilzam,haar jaye phir b ilzam,jain tu jain kahan ye becharay(cry)
Brother, you are smarter then ISI, FBI, CIA & RAW.
They didnt get all these proofs.


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Cricket is largely fixed and has become a giant money making scheme for gamblers....billions are gambled and results are very important to them... money will usually blind most....


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Brother, you are smarter then ISI, FBI, CIA & RAW.
They didnt get all these proofs.
brother job of I S I is different. why should they involve in such matters? total cash bets were equal to 20 thousand crores of Indian rupees as reported in papers. total cash money for the winner is 3 millon US $. so if BIKAOO MALL TEAMS can get few crores each out of 20 thousand crores , how about it? mafia is so strong that if any one refuses could be killed. so it has become MAJBOOREE as is better to save life and earn huge amounts as well.
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Also, what is very uninteresting is the fact that ICC knows fully well what is going on....however, it would be a GIANT mess if ICC were to come out and acknowledge that Cricket is rigged!!...just imagine what would happen and how people would be tunned away.....


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what we have seen with Amir, Asif, Hansi, Asharudin, Malik, Akram, younis, Jadeja etc. etc. is the tip of the iceberg..


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Yes most of the matches are fixed. specilly CWC is the season of earning for ICC & every cricket board.
Till semis, england team was teh most earning team in 2011 CWC. they lost both matches with small team & beat SA & Tied IND. They earned a lot.
Pak Alos earned in Canada & Aus matches for sure.
I am 100% with the snap you uploaded.
One of my friend wtote on fb for pak vs Aus match.. & he wrote before pakistan inning started
He wrote exactly that pak will make 178 not 177 with 6 wkts down & in 40 ovs... every thing hapens same only it takes 41 ov.. They prolonged match & then razzaq hit 4s to exactly 178.. Ponting didn't give ov to BLee. So not only Pakistan, each n every team along with ICC involves in all that.
See after one hr of Aus 147/7 39.9 ov he predicted.
And I captured that image from myn fb acccount.
The guy predicted the Aus vs Pak test mtches too accuratly.
But T20 & than 50-50 is mostly involve in satta.
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Why do you guys watch cricket anyway?

Evry match is fixed. Every player is paid by the bookies. The boards are doing it on purpose. ICC is involved.

Why the hell dont you just quit watching it?
If everything is fixed then every player is a talentless stooge and they only score runs or take wickets is because the opposition allows them to.
Aisi noora kushti dekhtay kyun ho aur bilbalatay kyun ho jab har jatay ho when you 'know' its fixed?
Why do you cheer when we win? That is also fixed and theres no point cheering if we win becasue the bookies made it happen?

BTW have you ever heard of photoshop?
It can do wonders! ;)


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I am s/w architect . don't tell me about photoshop..
But If I see any thing at my fb before its done.. what I thinked.. I didn't cheer that win against AUS
We love cricket like people still love Wrestling.

Not sure about India match.. As I don't see anything with my eyes.
But one thing that how bookies change the situation... India win & they still earn a lot.. they advertised & people putiing money on pak more as compare to India.
Lots of my friends including Indian put money on Pak (500$, 200 $ etc) as they heard on tv that bookies will earn If pak wins.. so it seems bookies changed the situation in 3-4 days.

But Still I am not 100% sure as I didn't see it with my eyes (as far as Ind vs pak is concern)
Also I wish that this pak vs Aus from my fb snap is only correct prediction & not satta(fixed).
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What a bunch of jokers we have become.....We lost the semi-final and we start accusing our players of fixing it.......With this theory Australia made out like a bandit because they were one of the favorites....So England lost to Bangladesh and Ireland, I guess they must have pocketed millions and who would have thaught Kiwi's would make it to the semi's, we the odds stacked against them the bookies must have made billions....

And before the Semi-finals they were our hero's, come on cut the non-sense


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yeh sub ab aise ho gaya he ke dr ki medical kurwee to he lekin use bhi must karni he......................................jab ke pata he bukhar nahi utre ga.....................lekin majboori he peeni to pare gi hi.......................................(bigsmile)


does anyone here have the news regarding final, would that be also fixed, and if fixed then lets have fixed results


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India will bat first score over 260, 3 wickets fall within the first 15 overs, pak will cruise to 100, then lose 2 quick wickets, at 150 they will be 5 down and crumble and lose by a margin of over 20 runs.”

This sounds non sense.



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Brother, you are smarter then ISI, FBI, CIA & RAW.
They didnt get all these proofs.

Bhai Qaiser Mirza,
ISI & RAW always looks for the security of their respective countries. Who told you that, it is also their job????
Everybody already knew that it was fixed......Look at Shahid Afridi Statement on TV before playing Semi Final. He said, it was his dream to reach semi final.

You should get the message from his statement clearly. Ubb ISI aur FIA aur RAW ko bheej mein kyon lay aaye ho?

Saladin A

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Pakistan could have won the semi final if they had batted sensibly and according to a plan and with the determination to win.

They dropped Tendulkar four times and dropped six catches in total; they gave 8 wide, 8 lbs'. Gul no balled twice and gave 69 runs in eight overs but still Wahab, Hafeez and Ajmal bowled brilliantly to restrict Indian to 260 runs that was easily achievable target to score. Why did not Afridi give Razzaq a couple of more overs instead of Gul who was beaten around like a ping pong ball. When he bowled first three expensive overs, I knew that Pakistanis were in a big trouble but the other bowlers bowled so well that the Indians could not make a big score.
But, some of the batsmen made stupid shots to get out; Misbah played the most stupid, annoying, selfish and baffling innings to slow down the scoring rate, and Pakistanis not asking for batting 'power play' five over earlier when Afridi came to bat. It was a horrible planning that went wrong and Pakistan lost the semi final.

There will always remain a mystery regarding this match and it needs to be scrutinized by some neutrals experts but there is no doubt in my find that Umar Gul bad bowling, Misbha's selfish batting, stupid shots by batsmen, bad fielding and six dropped catches, two field umpire and the third umpire refusing to give Tendulker lbw, which the camera could not deny and Rehman Malik'd stupid statement against Pakistani players caused us to lose to the Indians when we could have won the semi final by miles.


Why can't we accept the defeat and move on?
Besides, I will only take note of the match fixing if Rehman Malik says so! He had everyone under scrutiny and had warned everyone! Do you think there can be match fixing on Rehman Malik's watch lol :P


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so if we win the game was fair and if we lose it HAS to be fixed??? we lost bcoz India is much stronger team this time!!! as simple as that!!!
afridi, gul and few others did a great job. we bet most teams in the first round! thats a great achievement! we need to focus on rebuilding our team and make a team as strong as it was when imran khan, waseem akram, waqar younis and rameez raja used to play! we have all the ingredients, we just need to work on the structure and do some team cleansing !!!
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