India should be demarcated to new countries

Nadir Bashir

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India where around 40% of population is living below the poverty level and where defination of poor is defined as " Those cannot afford bare daily needs like food,clothing ,shelter,sanitation are considered poor. People earning less than Rs 32 a day are considered below poverty line by the government of India. Almost 40 percent of Indian population is below the poverty line." So around 500 million people are living below the poverty line.

in india situation is not due to other reasons but due to cast systems and a new defination of humanity " equal rights only for the equals ". So it is state governed policy to keep minorities under the poverty level to not rise equal to rich people.

If india is split in different countries as per population of the various minorities, the standard of these poor people may rise. Otherwise there is no other option.

Hindus only want to live in hindu state so hindus can also fulfill their dream of living in separate hindu state and change laws from social to hiduvata.

Various countries should be emerged from india as per their population such as,

1. A Sikh Country
2. A Muslim Country
3. A Christian country
4. A Hunduvata country
Also if anyone else want to be as an independent country........................

This thing will bring a new progress in the region and it will reform the situation of various people living in minorities and being deprived of their rights to exercise their religion, their values..................
Also this will bring international trade to a new level where business opportunities will increase and every country will benefit from this development in the south asia.
Actually indian politicians fooled all these people to provide them with religious freedom and human rights protection but india as state has started following a hunduvata state agenda which is against promises made to them.
Now they have the right to claim an independent country.
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